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Pure Greaseproof Paper Sheets | Deli Sheets | WHITE - 350 x 450mm | 480 Sheets

Food SafeMade in the UKIndustrially CompostableBiodegradeableFrom Sustainable Sources

Eco-friendly White Pure Greaseproof Paper Sheets

Sheet Dimensions: 350x450mm Pre-cut sheets/p>

Pack size: 480 sheets per pack/ream, wrapped in brown paper

Paper Thickness: 34grams

Transpack's Pure Greaseproof Paper is eco-friendly and biodegradable in landfill

This paper offers excellent barrier to grease and oil

* Please place number of packs/reams required in quantity box (not sheets)

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  • Transpack's Pre-cut sheets of white, eco-friendly pure greaseproof paper which offers an excellent barrier to grease and keeps product fresh when wrapped in it.
  • Greaseproof Paper, also known as deli sheets, is ideal for Farm Shops to wrap fresh produce in to keep them fresh, Bakeries, Delis, Coffee Shops, Cafes and Fast Food Restaurants. 
  • Popular with coffee shops to place a piece of cake or baked foods onto when serving
  • Use as a food wrap for sandwiches, wraps, paninis or as a liner for food trays, chip boxes, pizza boxes, biscuit boxes etc.
  • Pure Greaseproof Paper is very popular with home soap makers, who wrap their soap bars in Greaseproof to keep the soaps from drying out and losing their smell.
  • Sheet Size: 350 x 450mm (approx 14" x 18")
  • Paper Thickness: 34grams Grease Prof Paper 
  • Our paper is Vegan friendly meaning that it contains no animal by-products and is made from sustainable resources.
  • Pure Greaseproof Paper has good Wet strength so it resists tearing and puncturing when wet, within reason.
  • Packed in reams of 480 sheets, wrapped in brown paper
  • This Greaseproof Paper is biodegradable in landfill and water and industrially compostable
  • All our sheets are delivered flat, unless otherwise requested
More Information
Colour/Finish White
Food Safe Yes
Made in the UK Yes
Industrially Compostable? Yes
Biodegradable? Yes
FSC approved Yes
Free Delivery No
Length 450mm
Width 350mm
  • Our 480 sheet packs are excellent value for money per sheet
  • Transpack's Pure Greaseproof Paper is biodegradable and industrially compostable
  • All our Greaseproof Papers are plastic free, containing no plastic by-products or barriers
  • Pure Greaseproof Paper has many versatile uses including lining takeaway boxes like pizza boxes, wrapping deli goods in to keep them fresh, baking biscuits, wrapping pet treat boxes to keep them fresh during delivery, enclosing wax melts to keep them from drying out. 
  • Our Greaseproof Paper is suitable for use in the oven
  • This paper has good Wet Strength meaning it will stand up to tearing and puncturing, within reason. Transpack's Greaseproof Paper makes good Cartouches or "false-lids" for cooking sauces and stews.

How to dry autumn leaves for Christmas Displays?

Place your collected leaves between 2 sheets of Transpack's grease proof paper place in the middle of a thick book and close the book on the leaves. Place another 2 or 3 heavy books on top and leave for approximately 7-10 days. Your leaves will be flat, dry and ready for a beautiful display.

What is Pure Grease Proof Paper?

Pure greaseproof paper is made from virgin, unbleached paper meaning it is food-safe and contains no harmful by-products. It is widely used by chefs and professional bakers to line food baskets so the grease or oil doesn't leak through the basket, it soaks up oil from fish and chips and keeps them fresh when wrapped in Grease Proof Paper. Line baking trays and pizza boxes, and wrap artisan bread loaves and paninis to prevent them going stale. Home Soap Makers use Greaseproof Paper to wrap soap bars in, keeping them from drying out and losing their smell. Greaseproof paper is also used to make "false-lids" or pot Cartouches.

What is the difference between baking paper and greaseproof paper?

Professional baking paper is siliconised on both sides of the paper and it has a slippery feel to it, which stops food from sticking, making it ideal for cooking & baking. Transpack's Greaseproof Paper is not siliconised, so if you intend on cooking with it, coat it well with oil to ensure that food does not stick. Greaseproof Paper is used predominantly as a grease barrier wrap or lining in things like snack baskets or chip baskets, fish and chip takeaways, lining of pizza boxes and food hamper boxes to keep products fresh and stop the leaching of oil from your product into the delivery box.

What is greaseproof paper made of?

Pure Greaseproof Paper is made from unbleached, virgin paper meaning that it contains no recycled content, no harmful chemicals or heavy metals making it 100% food-safe. Transpack's Pure Greaseproof Paper is plastic free and contains no animal by-products making it Vegan friendly too. Unlike baking paper, Greaseproof Paper contains no silicone coating. 

Does greaseproof paper contain plastic?

Our Pure Greaseproof Paper contains no plastic or silicone coating. Even the packaging Transpack's reams are packed in are plastic-free. 

What is wet strength paper?

Wet Strength in paper bascially refers to how the web of fibres in the paper are formed to hold the paper together when it gets wet and how well it stands up to tearing and puncturing. Wet strength is routinely expressed as the ratio of wet to dry tensile force at break. Transpack's Greaseproof Paper has a good wet strength and makes good cartouches for sauces and simmering stews.

How to dispose of Greaseproof Paper?

Transpack's Pure Greaseproof paper is a great eco-friendly, unbleached paper product that contains no harmful chemicals or dyes and will biodegrade in landfill. Dispose of your Grease Proof Paper in your household waste bins, or at an industrial compost site near you. Unfortunately, all greaseproof papers or parchment paper is not recycled yet in the UK due to concerns of grease and oil contamination on the paper.

How to wrap homemade soap bars to keep them from going dry?

Soap bars dry out quickly and lose their smell if wrapped only in paper that does not have a oil-barrier lining to it. If you pack soaps loosley into postal boxes or hamper trays, the cardboard and/or shredded paper of the boxes will leach the good oils out of your soap bars quickly. We recommend that you wrap your soap bars and wax melts in Transpack's Pure Greaseproof Paper first before you add anymore pretty packaging like sleeves or tissue paper. The greaseproof paper will stop the oils leaching out of the soap bars and preserve the lovely fragrances.

How to make a pot Cartouche or paper lid for cooking?

A pot Cartouche, also known as a paper-lid, false-lid or simmer-lid, is a piece of Greaseproof paper which you place inside a pot, on top of a stew, sauce or simmering jam or milk to prevent evaporation of liquid, prevent sauces/milk making a skin on top of the liquid and acts as a temporary steamer. It also keeps food submerged below the liquid. To make a Cartouche you simply take a sheet of Transpack's Pure Greaseproof Paper, cut a square a bit bigger than the diameter of your pot and fold it several times into a triangle going corner to corner. Once a skinny triangle, measure the triangle from the centre of your pot to the outer edge and add about 5mm extra and cut it to size. Open it up and you should have a perfect circle of paper that fits snuggly into your pot. When removing a cartouche or paper lid from the simmering pot make sure you pull it out carefully with a pair of tongs so as to not burn your hand with the steam.