Self-locking Carton 255 x 170 x 102mm

Self-Locking White Boxes Self-locking Carton 255 x 170 x 102mm

Self-locking Carton 305 x 213 x 78mm

Self-Locking White Boxes Self-locking Carton 305 x 213 x 78mm

Self-Locking White Boxes Self-locking Carton FBWE/LDB15 288 x 204 x 90mm

Made in the UKRecyclableRecycledFrom Sustainable Sources

Eco-friendly, recyclable Self-Locking White Postal Boxes

Box Dimensions: 288 x 204 x 90mm (internal measurements)

This box will fit through Royal Mail's Small Parcel slot, and is ideal as a postal box for various businesses.

Seal with Transpack's eco-friendly printed paper packaging tape for a great look and all round eco-friendly parcel. Also see our THANK YOU stickers.

Sold in packs of 25 | Contact us for special discount prices on bulk pallet orders of 1000 boxes or more

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  • A range of eco-friendly tough white postal boxes made of strong corrugated board and offering excellent protection and presentation
  • Mottled white outer unless shown otherwise
  • Made from recycled material, fully recyclable and home compostable
  • Suitable for a range of items, such as clothes, shoes and other items that require secure protected postage
  • From time to time the inner lining of the box can appear 'cracked' at the crease on the inside of the box. This happens during production and is caused by pressure in the die cutting process if the paper is particularly dry. It has no effect on the strength of the box at all and is invisible when the box is made up. The box is still fully functional. If you receive any boxes like this you would be welcome to send them back to us at your cost
More Information
Colour/Finish White
Made in the UK Yes
Recylable? Yes
Made from Recycled Material? Yes
FSC approved Yes
Free Delivery No
Length 288mm
Width 204mm
Height 90mm

Made from 100% sustainable, recycled material

Recyclable, home compostable, biodegradable, eco-friendly

Postal boxes are collected by the vast majority, if not all, of Local Authorities in household recycling collections, but can also be taken to local recycling centres.

If you have a home composter you can also compost them. It works best if they are shredded first or torn into smaller pieces as they will decompose more quickly.

Can I put these boxes into my compost heap at home?

Yes you can. Tear them into strips first for quicker decomposition

Are self-locking boxes recyclable?

Yes they are

Can I get my logo printed onto my boxes?

Yes you can. MOQ is approx 1300 units. Send your logo, box size and requirements to and our sales team will do a bespoke quote for you. Alternatively, we can print logo stickers for your boxes, contact our sales team today.

How do I protect my product inside a self-locking box?

Wrap your product in our acid free Transpack Tissue Paper. You can also add some of our shredded paper to the base and sides to stop the product shifting in the box during delivery. 

How do I seal self-locking boxes?

You can use eco-friendly paper packaging tape. Try Transpack's unique printed paper tape for a designer look to your box. Vinyl packaging tape can also be used. Finish your box off with a THANK YOU sticker.