PP Strapping & Accessories

Browse our range of strapping and complementary products to cover all your strapping needs. Polypropylene Strapping in 3 weights for hand and machine application when securing pallets, cartons and parcels plus all the necessary accessories and tools including strapping tensioners, sealers, buckles and seals.


  • From the strapping itself through to buckles, seals, tensioners or complete self-contained kits to speed up your operation
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  1. 12mm Metal Buckles For 12mm Pp Strapping box/1000
    From: £36.0000 As low as From: £28.0000
    Out of stock
  2. 12mm Sealer for 12mm & 16mm strapping
    From: £32.7500
  3. 12mm Tensioner & Cutter for 12mm strapping
    From: £49.9900
  4. 12mm Wheeled trolley for 12mm pp strapping & tools
    From: £122.9000
  5. PP Strapping and accessories 12mm Complete Kit MD01; 12H; 1212; 12SE
    From: £166.5000
  6. Portable Floor Standing Polypropylene Strapping Dispenser For Strapping On Plastic Reel
    From: £39.0000
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Strapping - A Quick Guide

Nowadays box & pallet strapping comes in a number of materials including steel, nylon, polyester and polypropylene (pp). Most of our strapping is 12mm wide pp (or polypropylene) in varying strengths, although we do now stock steel strapping too for greater strength.  All the associated tools we advertise are designed to work with our products.

Strapping is still widely used on many items especially where products on a pallet might otherwise prove unstable (rolled products, for example). Very few boxes are now strapped up as the straps tend to bite through the box, especially when they are used as a carrying handle. We do supply edge protectors to combat this, so if you need to strap boxes we would advise using these too.

Strapping can be secured with plastic or steel buckles where the tension is applied by hand, or with "semi-open" seals where the tension is applied by a tensioning tool.