Pallet Wrap | Stretch Film

Industrial quality stretch wrap for securing loads on pallets, or for binding boxes together. Pallet wrap (also known as stretch wrap or stretch film) is available in clear and black, with an extended core option for hand application available too.


  • Use flush core stretch film with one of our dispenser systems to make the process even easier or buy one of our extended core rolls for hand application.
  • Use Ultra Heavy pallet wrap for very heavy and bulky loads, ie pallet loads of bricks.
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  1. Mini Stretch Film Dispenser | Hand Held Small Bundling Film Dispenser
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  2. Stretch film Dispenser - universal
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Shrink, Stretch & Cling Film: An explanation

There is a huge confusion amongst lots of people about these packaging films. Here is the definitive explanation.

  • Shrink film: A plastic film made of PVC, PP or polythene which is made to shrink when heat is applied thus tightly wrapping items packed in it. The heat is applied by a tunnel or a heat gun.
  • Stretch film: Often referred to as "shrink film" or "cling film" this polythene film is stretched into place around a pallet or bundle and will stick to itself to form a sort of elasticated bandage with a strong hold.
  • Cling film: Is the domestic and food safe version of stretch film.

The shrink film we supply is all centre folded PVC film for use with shrink kits or L-sealers. We offer 19 and 25 mic film.

Our stretch film is cast material meaning it is not sticky to handle and it is silent in operation. We offer medium, heavy & ultra heavy duty strengths, a 500mm wide Black film (also cast) plus a 100mm wide roll for bundling.

I have large pallets of boxes of duvets. Which stretch film do I use?

For light boxes like this always use the medium duty stretch film to keep any crushing of the boxes to a minimum.

How do I wrap pallets with stretch film?

Go round the pallet twice at the bottom making sure the pallet itself is overlapped. Now wind the film round the pallet stretching it as you go. Make sure you overlap the previous layer by at least 30%. When you get to the top wrap twice round again and tear off. Easy!

Is the dispenser absolutely vital when applying stretch film?

No, its quite easy to apply the film without one. But for bundling the dispenser does make a huge difference.

Do I have to have an L-sealer for the shrink film?

No, you can use a simple shrink kit and heat gun.

Can I get shrink film or stretch film printed?

No; not in anything but truckloads!