Tissue Paper - White

Our white tissue paper comes in a variety of different textures, all acid-free. The premium tissue is Machine Finished too which makes it anti-tarnishing for use with Jewellery and delicate items. You’re sure to find a type that suits your needs.


    • Acid Free
    • 480 sheets per ream
    • 500x750mm
    • Excellent value for money
    • Up to 27% discount on bulk orders
    • 100% Recyclable and biodegradable.


If you need a colour other than white, we have 21 other colours available. We also sell luxury silver and gold tissue paper.

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Tissue Paper - A Guide

Our tissue paper range is all 16gsm to 18gsm. All grades are made in Acid Free quality.

Are the colours always the same?

Broadly yes, but they will vary slightly from batch to batch. Even the White tissue papers can vary.

What is "Acid Free" tissue paper for?

Acid free tissue paper is made ph neutral so it is less likely to cause any tarnishing of bright metals wrapped in it.

What is Jewellers tissue paper?

A premium crisp but softer white acid free tissue paper ideal for jewellery, silverware and all delicate items that need conformable and tarnish free packaging. This tissue is unglazed, or Machine Finished.

Are the White tissue papers bleached?

Yes. We do not supply unbleached tissue paper.

Are the tissue papers non bleed?

The tissue papers are bleed resistant but we do not recommend their use in damp conditions.

Are the tissue papers recycled?

No, all our tissue papers are made from paper pulp sourced from sustainable forests. Naturally, all our tissue paper can be recycled.

Can I get tissue paper printed?

Yes - Email us with your requirements. The minimum order is 25 reams however, 50 reams is more economic.