Coloured Tissue Paper

Acid Free Coloured Tissue Paper Wholesale

We supply a beautiful range of vibrant, acid free, eco-friendly coloured tissue paper ideal for gifts, craft and hobby projects such as tissue paper flowers, pom poms or for use as decoupage paper.


Our tissue paper is very competitively priced and we offer one of the lowest thresholds for free delivery at only £65 (excl Vat, UK mainland), this makes Transpack an ideal tissue paper supplier for UK business and bulk purchases, as well as hobbyists and enthusiasts. We sell at wholesale to the public and to companies.

Our coloured tissue paper is widely used for gift wrapping paper and retail display to add that perfect finish to your products. We also have a range of gold & silver tissue paper, patterned tissue paper and Christmas Tissue Paper as well as a range of different grades of white tissue paper available. 

Coloured tissue paper features

  • 16gsm thickness
  • Acid Free (ph neutral) tissue paper
  • Our tissue paper Bleed resistant - widely used by florists, and it will not stain colour on your products
  • Sheet Sizes - 500 x 750mm (20" x 30")
  • Our tissue papers are made from partly Recycled content and is 100% recyclable, biodegradable and FSC approved


Our coloured tissue paper sheets are packed in reams of 480 sheets although some colours are available in half reams of 240 sheets, if you require a smaller amount of tissue.

Please note we have tried to replicate the colours as closely as possible but screen variations make it impossible to be entirely accurate - please email us with your address and ask for a sample if colour is important to you.

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  1. UNBLEACHED NATURAL Tissue Paper | Natural Acid Free Tissue Paper 18gsm | 240 Sheets | 500 x 750mm Recycled
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Available colours

We are always expanding the UK supplies of tissue paper and some of the most popular tissue for bulk purchase include:

  • Black tissue paper
  • White tissue paper
  • Yellow tissue paper
  • Red tissue paper
  • Gold tissue paper

A number of other colours and options are also ready to buy online. For more information check out our Help Guide to Tissue Paper below.

Tissue Paper - A Guide

Our tissue paper range is all 16gsm to 18gsm. All grades are made in Acid Free quality.

Are the colours always the same?

Broadly yes, but they will vary slightly from batch to batch. Even the White tissue papers can vary.

What is "Acid Free" tissue paper for?

Acid free tissue paper is made ph neutral so it is less likely to cause any tarnishing of bright metals wrapped in it.

What is Jewellers tissue paper?

A premium crisp but softer white acid free tissue paper ideal for jewellery, silverware and all delicate items that need conformable and tarnish free packaging. This tissue is unglazed, or Machine Finished.

Are the White tissue papers bleached?

Yes. We do not supply unbleached tissue paper.

Are the tissue papers non bleed?

The tissue papers are bleed resistant but we do not recommend their use in damp conditions.

Are the tissue papers recycled?

The tissue paper is made from approx 25% recycled material, the rest comes from paper pulp sourced from sustainable forests. Naturally, all our tissue paper can be recycled.

Can I get tissue paper printed?

Yes - Email us with your requirements. The minimum order is 25 reams however, 50 reams is more economic.