Pallet & Bundling Stretch Film Stretchfilm UHD, 34mic 400mm x 200 metre

Stretch Film ULTRA HEAVY DUTY Pallet Wrap 34mic 400mm x 200 metre

Pallet & Bundling Stretch Film Stretch Bundling Film 100mm x 150 metre

Stretch Bundling Film 100mm x 150 metre

Stretch Film HEAVY DUTY Pallet Wrap Extended Cores 20mic | 400mm x 300 metre

Made in the UKRecyclableRecycledPPT TAX EXEMPT - Made from more than 30% recycled material

Stretch Film Heavy Duty With Extended Cores (No dispenser required)

Roll Dimensions: 400mm wide x 300 metre on a roll

Film Thickness: 20 micron

Our Stretch Film is made from 30% Recycled Material so it is Plastic Packaging Tax (PPT) Exempt

Ideal for pallet wrapping extremely heavy loads for transporting and storage

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Heavy Duty 20 micron Stretch Film Pallet Wrap

  • Transpack's 20 micron cast stretch film has excellent clarity and durability
  • Heavy Duty Pallet Wrap for heavy loads and item protection during transporting or storage 
  • This film is ideal for pallet wrapping and load securing jobs where the load is approx 700kg and over
  • The extended cores allow for quick and easy use so that a dispenser is not required
  • Our stretch film unwinds quietly, and is a clear, glossy finish
  • HD Stretch Film stretches easily, using less effort than other films
  • Our stretch films have good self-cling properties
  • 30% Recycled Material - Plastic Packaging Tax (PPT) Exempt
  • Known as pallet wrap, stretch wrap or stretchfilm

    Transpack stocks a range of quality Pallet Wrap Stretch Films. If you are in any doubt about which stretch film to use for your pallet loads, contact our friendly sales team today for more info and advice.

More Information
Colour/Finish Clear
Made in the UK Yes
Recylable? Yes
Made from Recycled Material? Yes
Made from >30% Recycled Material or Plastic Free? Yes
Free Delivery No
Length 300M
Width 400mm

Benefits of heavy duty 20micron pallet wrap from Transpack:

Also known as stretch film or stretch wrap (or even Cling Film), our strong pallet wrap is a type of packaging material that is commonly used in industrial and commercial settings for securing and protecting palletised loads during storage, transporting and shipping

Benefits of using a strong reliable pallet wrap:

  1. Extremely Strong: With a thickness of 20 microns, heavy duty pallet wrap offers high tensile strength, making it resistant to tears. punctures, and abrasions. This makes it suitable for wrapping heavy or irregularly shaped loads, providing added protection against damage.
  2. Load Stability: heavy duty 20 micron pallet wrap is designed to provide superior load stability, keeping the load on the pallet secure, preventing them from shifting, tilting or toppling during transit. This helps to minimise the risk of damage to the goods during transportation and storage, as well as goods falling off open trucks.
  3. Good Value for Money: heavy duty pallet wrap is a cost-effective solution for securing palleted loads, as it reduces the need for additional strapping, banding, or other packaging materials. It can also help to reduce the risk of product returns or replacements due to damaged goods, saving costs in the long run.
  4. Versatility:heavy duty stretch films can be used for a wide range of applications, including wrapping various types of loads, such as boxes, cartons, bricks, bags and irregularly shaped items. It can be used in different industries, such as logistics, warehousing, manufacturing, and distribution. Protect wood or metal fabrications from scratches and scuffing by wrapping them in pallet wrap.