PP Strapping and accessories 12mm Strapping Seals, 12mm Steel box/1000

12mm Strapping Seals, Steel box/1000

PP Strapping and accessories 12mm Blk H.duty Strapping  - 260kg Bs Plastic reel 1000 m

12mm Black Heavy Duty Polypropylene Strapping | 260kg Strapping | Plastic Reel 1000m

12mm Steel Strapping Seals Serrated 12mm - Steel bag/1000

Made in the UK

Quality Serrated 12mm Steel Strapping Seals

Metal Fastener Size: 12mm

Pack of 1000

A 12mm Steel Strapping Seal Serrated is a metal fastener used in conjunction with 12mm-wide steel strapping to secure and reinforce packaging, such as bundles or boxes. The serrated design increases grip and prevents the strapping from slipping, ensuring reliable load containment.

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A 12mm steel strapping seal serrated is a fastening accessory used in securing heavy loads with steel strapping. It features serrated edges that grip the strapping, increasing the seal's strength and stability. This type of seal is commonly employed in industries like shipping, construction, and logistics to ensure the integrity of strapped materials during transit.

    • Polypropylene Strapping and accessories
    • Steel 12mm Strapping Seals with serrations
    • 12mm wide steel seal
    • Pack of 1000
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Width 12mm

Benefits of using Transpack Steel Seals or metal fasteners include:

  1. METAL FASTENRS: Don't compromise on strength, our metal fasteners are stronger than other versions
  2. Serrated for extra grip and prevent the seal from sliding when under full load
  3. Secure Packaging: Steel seals provide robust and reliable sealing for heavy-duty packaging, preventing the strapping from loosening during transit and storage.
  4. Durability: Steel's strength and resistance to corrosion make these seals suitable for challenging environments, ensuring the integrity of the package.
  5. Cost-Effectiveness: Steel seals offer a cost-efficient solution for packaging reinforcement, reducing the risk of damage or loss and minimizing the need for rework or replacement.