Mattress & Sofa Storage Bags 3 Seat Sofa 110 2794 x 1346mm

Sofa Storage Bags 3 Seat Sofa 110in 2794 x 1346mm

Jiffy Bubble Bag S/s Bp6  305 x 435mm

Self Seal Bubble Bags | Jiffy Protective Bubble Bag BP6 305 x 435mm

Sofa Storage Bags 4 Seater Sofa 120in 3048 x 1346mm

Made in the UKRecyclableLDPE

4-Seater Sofa Storage Bags

Size of a 4-seater bag is 3048mm x 1346mm (120"x53")

Made from durable, strong 250 gauge/62.5 micron

Sofa Bags are clear in colour

Transpack's Sofa Protection Bags are available in single units or in bulk, at wholesale prices, to furniture manufacturers, removal companies and upholsterers

Our Sofa Storage Bags are also available in single seater and a 2 to 3 seater. View our Mattress Bags for protecting headboards and mattress

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  • Transpack's Sofa Storage Bags offer waterproof and dust protection, as well as a good acting barrier from dirty hands and scuffing during manoeuvering
  • A 4-Seater Sofa bag measures 3048mm x 1346mm
  • This 4-seater sofa bag is a slip over bag, open on the one long side
  • Sofa and Furniture bags are made from a strong, durable 250 gauge clear polythene plastic which is fully recyclable at any plastic collection point
  • Sofa Protection Bags are available from Transpack on 1-3 day delivery anywhere in the UK and Northern Ireland. Bulk orders can be arranged at wholesale prices, across Europe.

If you're moving offices soon, or just want to renovate, you'll need to protect your precious furniture. Our sofa storage bags are ideal for keeping everything in tip top condition. They're waterproof and strong enough to ensure your sofa won't become scratched or scuffed during transportation.

Whether you're planning to store your sofa for a short or long period, these bags will stop dust, dirt and moisture from causing damage. These bags are big enough to fit a four-seater sofa, though we also stock various other sizes. Please note these bags are designed to drop over the top of your sofa to act as a dust sheet, they may not fully enclose it

More Information
Colour/Finish Clear
Made in the UK Yes
Recylable? Yes
Free Delivery No
Length 1346mm
Width 3048mm
  • Transpack's Sofa Bags are made from a strong recyclable 250 gauge polythene clear plastic, which makes them durable enough to stand up to rough handling
  • Once the bag is slipped over your couch, it will keep dirt and rain off, as well as protect your couch from paint splatter, moisture and dust during decorating or transporting
  • Sofa bags are slip over covers and are easy to use
  • Due to their strength, sofa bags could be used over again and are good long term storage bags
  • Also known as Sofa Dust Covers
  • Protective Plastic Furniture Bags are an inexpensive, cost effective way to protect your furniture
  • Sofa Bags are a fantastic transportation bag and protects your soft furnishings from grubby hands and dusty trucks

These bags have resin code 4 and are recyclable. You should check with your local Council to see if you can recycle plastic bags and film with your household recycling. Some Local Authorities will take it away but it is limited.

For those who can't recycle plastic films and bags at home, you can take it to be recycled at carrier bag collection points at the larger stores of most major supermarkets including Tesco, Asda, Morrisons, Sainsbury's, The Co-op and Waitrose.

What bag can be used to protect a 4-seater Sofa?

Sofas and armchairs cost a small fortune these days and a crucial investment for your home. Always protect your sofas and mattresses during transit and whilst in storage with inexpensive Transpack quality Sofa Covers and Matress Covers. Made from clear strong, recycled 250 gauge polythene, our plastic sofa bags will prevent damage and scuffing whilst being handled or during transporting in a truck.

Plastic 4-seater Dust Cover Bags?

If you are an upholsterer a furniture maker, you will find strong furniture protection plastic bags essential for protecting your beautiful furniture whilst in storage in your warehouse, or in transit to a shop or customer. Our strong sofa protection bags will protect from scuffing, handling and dust. Plastic sofa storage bags are very cost effetive and can be reused over and over again due to their strong plastic which is tear resistant. Transpack's sofa bags come in various sizes, from single armchair size, 2 seater and 3 seater size and much larger 4 seater sofa bags. Sofa Storage Bags are easy to use and easy to store. Transpack sells in handy single units or in bulk at wholesale prices. Contat our friendly sales team today for more inforamtion and bulk-order pricing.

What large bags can I use to protect furniture?

Always protect your furniture items like sofas, armchairs, mattresses and headboards with plastic bags and covers, from debris, dust, scratches and moisture. When they get dirty or damaged it will cost you more in money, time and frustration to have them cleaned and repaired. Large soft furnishings take the most rough handling when being manoeuvred into a house and onto a moving truck. We recommend you cover your soft furnishing chairs and sofas with armchair and sofa storage bags. Transpack's furniture protection bags are strong, inexpensive and will prevent your furniture from becoming dirty, scuffed and damaged during your move. Consider also using our bags to protect your headboards, bed bases and mattresses during a move or in storage - the cost of sofa storage bags and mattress bags is far cheaper than a cleaning service. Mattresses are an expensive investment and if they are moved without the protection of a Transpack Mattress Bag you could end up with a damaged and dirty mattress. Mattress bags are well worth their money and once pulled off your mattress can be used as a ground sheet to protect floors during painting and decorating.

Can I use a Matrees bag or Sofa Bag to protect a large painting and a mirror during moving and in storage?

Yes, you can use a Mattress Bag or Sofa Storage Bag to protect large items such as mirrors and paintings. It is essential to protect large decorative items moisture, rain, dust and handling, during a move or if they are going into storage. We recommend you wrap the painting or mirror first in Jiffy Foam Wrap or in bubble wrap, available from Transpack. These 2 products will protect the painting from bumps, chipping and scratches. As well as securing the canvas to prevent puncturing by something falling against it. Once firmly wrapped in foam or bubble wrap, use one of Transpack's Sofa Protection bags or Mattress Bags, depending on the size of your painting or mirror, to encase the entire item to make it waterproof and dust proof.