Crystal Clear Greetings Cards Envelopes 113 x 220mm + flap for DL envelopes

Crystal Clear DL Greetings Card Bags | Clear Display Bags | DL - 113 x 220mm + flap

Small Clear cellophane gift bags 67 x 95

Small Clear Cellophane Gift Card Bags 67 x 95mm

Small Clear Cello Gift Bags 65 x 70mm

Food SafeMade in the UKRecyclablePolypropylene

Small Clear Gift Card Bags

Bag Dimensions: 65 x 70mm or approx 2.5 x2.75 inches plus flap

Film thickness: 120 gauge/30 micron polypropylene

The Resealable flap will open and close multiple times

Available to buy in multiples of 500

Made in the UK 

Apply a clear PP sticker to let your customers know this bag is recyclable - see them here

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£16.08 inc VAT

Price for minimum quantity of 500 is £13.40

Available to buy in increments of 500

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What are Small Clear Cello Gift Bags?

Crystal clear small Cellophane gift bags are perfect for displaying and protecting your smaller items and gifts. The high clarity, glossy polypropylene will enhance the display of your products.

What can I use Small Cello Gift Bags for?

These little bags are excellent quality and perfect for packaging jewellery, beads, buttons, badges, sequins, and other small very small items. The 30 micron cellophane is made from food safe polypropylene film and has a self seal lip for easy sealing

How are these bags measured?

The bag measurements showing are width x length (not including the self seal flap) so these bags are 65mm wide x 70mm long. 

Please note measurements can vary by several mm due to manufacturing tolerances - if size is critical please request a sample from the current batch before ordering

More Information
Colour/Finish Clear
Food Safe Yes
Made in the UK Yes
Recylable? Yes
Polypropylene? Yes
Free Delivery No
Length 70mm
Width 65mm

The benefits of Small CLear Cello Bags is as follows:

  • This bag is Food Safe which means it contains no harmful chemicals so it can be used with food products, pharmaceutical applications and animal products
  • They are also PH neutral so suitable for archiving
  • Crystal clear to show off your products while protecting from dust, moisture and fingerprints
  • Anti-static which means they are easy to open and use
  • Recyclable plastic

What are these bags made of?

These bags are made from 30 micron OPP (Polypropylene) which looks and feels very similar to cellophane ™ . However polypropylene (which is also known as cello) is much tougher. It is very clear and crisp, which is why it is so popular for gift bags. 

How can I be sure that I am ordering the right bag?

Check the measurements of the bag against your product, remembering that these bags are flat and if your product has depth that will impact on the width you need and you could well need a wider bag than you think. If you need help give us a call or contact us via the online chat. If you are still not sure which size you need we can send you a sample to test – please email with your request, and don’t forget to give us your address.

What is your returns policy?

If you do happen to order the wrong bags or you find it is not suitable after all we will happily accept them back, unused and in a saleable condition. You will need to call us right away and request a returns number. We will need to receive the bags back within 14 days of when you received them. You will need to send them back at your own cost but once received we will make the refund to you quickly.

Is polypropylene recyclable ?

Yes, polypropylene (PP) is extensively recyclable. Polypropylene is a type of plastic that is commonly used in a variety of products such as packaging materials, food packaging, automotive parts, furniture, and textiles. Recycling polypropylene helps reduce waste and conserve resources.
The recycling process for polypropylene typically involves the following steps:
1. Collection: Polypropylene waste is collected separately from other types of waste. This can be done through curb side recycling programs, drop-off centres, or specialised collection initiatives.
2. Sorting: The collected polypropylene is sorted based on its type and colour. This step is important to ensure that only polypropylene materials are processed further.
3. Cleaning: The sorted polypropylene is thoroughly cleaned to remove any contaminants such as dirt, labels, or adhesives. This helps improve the quality of the recycled material.
4. Shredding: The cleaned polypropylene is shredded into small pieces, making it easier to handle and process.
5. Melting and Pellet Making: The shredded polypropylene is melted and then formed into small pellets or granules. These pellets can be used as raw material for manufacturing new products and recycled films. An so the ever important circular economy of sustainable plastics is created. It is not the plastic material that is the issue, it is how plastics are recycled and reused. Please recycle your plastics.