Self-locking Carton 470 x 330 x 70mm

Self-Locking White Boxes Self-locking Carton 470 x 330 x 70mm

Self-Locking White Boxes Self-locking Carton 319 x 238 x 149mm

* CLEARANCE SALE * Self-Locking White Boxes | E-commerce Carton | Bulk Pallet Orders Only 319 x 238 x 149mm - Only £1.30 p/b

Self-Locking White Boxes

Made in the UKRecyclableFrom Sustainable Sources

A range of tough self-locking White postal boxes made of strong corrugated board and offering excellent protection and presentation.

Outer is mottled white.

Doubled edges for extra strength.

Lids 'lock' for added security.

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Thumbnail SKU Length Width Height Color Price per box for quantity shown Qty
FBWPIP1 160mm 110mm 20mm White ----
FBWE/LDB27 152mm 100mm 52mm White ---0.420.320.26--
FBWPIP3 322mm 229mm 20mm White ----0.450.420.370.33
Out of stock
FBWE/LDB26 152mm 100mm 70mm White ---0.580.450.36--
FBWE/LDB5 170mm 125mm 65mm White ---0.640.580.53--
FBWE/LDB2 120mm 120mm 52mm White ---0.700.600.49--
Out of stock
FBWE/LDB29 170mm 140mm 55mm White ---0.750.560.45--
FBWE/LDB6 207mm 139mm 90mm White ---0.790.630.51--
FBWE/LDB14 104mm 95mm 95mm White ---0.820.670.61--
FBWE/LDB37 110mm 100mm 70mm White ---0.860.750.70--
FBWE/LDB3 305mm 305mm 52mm White ---0.890.670.55--
FBWE/LDB7 220mm 148mm 60mm White ---0.910.800.71--
FBWE/LDB15 288mm 204mm 90mm White ---0.990.750.61--
FBWE/LDB4 245mm 228mm 47mm White ---0.990.880.77--
FBWE/LDB40 232mm 158mm 55mm White ---1.000.940.89--
FBWE/LDB8 240mm 165mm 70mm White ---1.060.950.84--
FBWE/LDB34 232mm 158mm 95mm White ---1.090.980.87--
FBWE/LDB11 305mm 213mm 78mm White ---
FBWE/LDB10 255mm 170mm 102mm White ---
FBBSPB1613 419mm 338mm 72mm White ----1.301.18--
FBWE/LDB61 319mm 238mm 149mm White -----1.30--
FBWE/LDB33 470mm 330mm 70mm White ---1.601.491.38--
Out of stock
CTN1WB 90mm 90mm 370mm 1.50-1.30-----
CTN2WB 340mm 205mm 93mm Blue 3.503.35------
Mottled white outer unless displayed otherwise Made of corrugated board and strong enough to be posted Locking lids for extra security
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Made in the UK Yes
Recylable? Yes
FSC approved Yes
Free Delivery No