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Satin Ribbon

Our NEW range of Double Faced Satin ribbon is available in two widths (3mm wide and 10mm wide) and in a wide range of popular colours.

Team two colours of different widths together for a luxurious effect.

Each reel contains 50 metres of double faced satin ribbon.

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Thumbnail Product Code Width Length Colour/Finish Price per reel for quantity shown Quantity
Satin Ribbon Brown 3mm x 50m RIBSADB3 3mm 50M Dark Brown 3.252.451.96
Satin Ribbon Brown 10mm x 50m RIBSADB10 10mm 50M Dark Brown 4.953.953.30
Satin Ribbon Black 3mm x 50m RIBSABLK3 3mm 50M Black 3.252.451.96
Satin Ribbon Black 10mm x 50m RIBSABLK10 10mm 50M Black 4.953.953.30
Satin Ribbon White 3mm x 50m RIBSAWH3 3mm 50M White 3.252.451.96
Satin Ribbon White 10mm x 50m RIBSAWH10 10mm 50M White 4.953.953.30
Satin Ribbon Ivory 3mm x 50m RIBSAIV3 3mm 50M Ivory 3.252.451.96
Satin Ribbon Ivory 10mm x 50m RIBSAIV10 10mm 50M Ivory 4.953.953.30
Satin Ribbon Hot Pink 3mm x 50m RIBSAHP3 3mm 50M Pink (Hot) 3.252.451.96
Satin Ribbon Hot Pink 10mmx  50m RIBSAHP10 10mm 50M Pink (Hot) 4.953.953.30
Satin Ribbon Lavender 3mm x 50m RIBSALAV3 3mm 50M Lavender 3.252.451.96
Satin Ribbon Lavender 10mm x 50m RIBSALAV10 10mm 50M Lavender 4.953.953.30
Satin Ribbon Purple 3mm x 50m RIBSAPUR3 3mm 50M Purple 3.252.451.96
Satin Ribbon Purple 10mm x 50m RIBSAPUR10 10mm 50M Purple 4.953.953.30
Satin Ribbon Turquoise 3mm x 50m RIBSATUR3 3mm 50M Turquoise 3.252.451.96
Satin Ribbon Turquoise 10mm x 50m RIBSATUR10 10mm 50M Turquoise 4.953.953.30
Satin Ribbon Navy Blue 3mm x 50m RIBSANAV3 3mm 50M Blue (Navy) 3.252.451.96
Satin Ribbon Navy Blue 10mm x 50m RIBSANAV10 10mm 50M Blue (Navy) 4.953.953.30
Satin Ribbon Royal Blue 3mm x 50m RIBSARB3 3mm 50M Blue (Royal) 3.252.451.96
Satin Ribbon Royal Blue 10mm x 50m RIBSARB10 10mm 50M Blue (Royal) 4.953.953.30
Satin Ribbon Baby Blue 3mm x 50m RIBSABB3 3mm 50M Blue (Baby) 3.252.451.96
Satin Ribbon Baby Blue 10mm x 50m RIBSABB10 10mm 50M Blue (Baby) 4.953.953.30
Satin Ribbon Bottle Green 3mm x 50m RIBSABG3 3mm 50M Green (Bottle) 3.252.451.96
Satin Ribbon Bottle Green 10mm x 50m RIBSABG10 10mm 50M Green (Bottle) 4.953.953.30
Satin Ribbon Emerald Green 10mm x 50m RIBSASG10 10mm 50M Green (Emerald) 4.953.953.30
Satin Ribbon Yellow 3mm x 50m RIBSAYEL3 3mm 50M Yellow 3.252.451.96
Satin Ribbon Yellow 10mm x 50m RIBSAYEL10 10mm 50M Yellow 4.953.953.30
Satin Ribbon Baby Pink 3mm x 50m RIBSABP3 3mm 50M Pink (Baby) 3.252.451.96
Satin Ribbon Baby Pink 10mm x 50m RIBSABP10 10mm 50M Pink (Baby) 4.953.953.30
Satin Ribbon Cerise 3mm x 50m RIBSACER3 3mm 50M Cerise 3.252.451.96
Satin Ribbon Cerise 10mm x 50m RIBSACER10 10mm 50M Cerise 4.953.953.30
Satin Ribbon Red 3mm x 50m RIBSARED3 3mm 50M Red 3.252.451.96
Satin Ribbon Red 10mm x 50m RIBSARED10 10mm 50M Red 4.953.953.30
Satin Ribbon Burgundy 3mm x 50m RIBSABUR3 3mm 50M Burgundy 3.252.451.96
Satin Ribbon Burgundy 10mm x 50m RIBSABUR10 10mm 50M Burgundy 4.953.953.30
Satin Ribbon Silver 3mm x 50m RIBSASIL3 3mm 50M Silver 3.252.451.96
Satin Ribbon Silver 10mm x 50m RIBSASIL10 10mm 50M Silver 4.953.953.30
Satin Ribbon Antique Gold 3mm x 50m RIBSAAG3 3mm 50M Antique Gold 3.252.451.96
Satin Ribbon Antique Gold 10mm x 50m RIBSAAG10 10mm 50M Antique Gold 4.953.953.30

Product Description


Satin ribbon is a popular choice for gift packaging, retail display packaging, and for use in crafts. It is an effective finishing touch for tying bags, and looks beautiful bowed around a napkin on a Wedding Table.

Additional Information

Food Safe N/A
Recylable? Yes
Status Enabled
Free Delivery No