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Seal-Again Coloured Bags | Medium Duty Grip Seal Bags BLUE 6 x 9in | 152 x 229mm

Resealable Coloured Bags Seal-Again Coloured Bags 3.5 x 4.5 Red

Seal-Again Coloured Bags | Medium Duty Grip Seal Bags RED | 3.5 x 4.5in | 89 x 114mm

Seal-Again Coloured Bags | Medium Duty Grip Seal Bags BLUE | 9 x 12.75in | 229 x 324mm

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Blue Coloured Seal Again Bags

Colour: Blue, semi-opaque

Dimensions are Approx. 9 x 12.75 ins / 229 x 324mm up to the gripseal

Film thickness is 200 gauge/50 micron

These bags are recyclable, with resin code 4

Excellent value as these bags can be opened and closed many times

Ideal bags for product colour differentiation, light sensitive products and brand awareness

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What are Coloured Seal-Again Bags?

Also known as zip-lock bags, these blue gripseal bags are great for storing and protecting products especially if they need extra UV protection, such as electrical components. They can be used to colour-code products too or to protect light-sensitive items, and package products discreetly.

They are not completely opaque or lightfast, but they can be re-used again and again. The gripseals are very robust and will form an airtight seal when pushed together. This ensures your products are safe from contamination.

What can Coloured Gripseal Bags be used for?

Our blue resealable bags have a wide variety of uses. You can use them to colour-code your products, protect them from light, UV, dust and dirt, or to package items discreetly. These bags are big enough for papers and brochures. If you are planning to utilise these bags to safeguard light-sensitive items, such as electrical components, please note they are not completely lightfast or opaque.

These gripseal or zip-lock bags are ideal for preventing your products from becoming contaminated. Simply press the gripseals together to create an airtight seal. They can be used again and again, making them great value for money.

How are these bags measured?

The measurements of these bags show the width first and then the height, up to the grip seal so dimensions shown are only if the usable space in the bags. These bags are 229 x 324mm. Please note sizes can vary by a few mm due to manufacturing tolerances- please request a sample if size is critical.

More Information
Colour/Finish Blue
Food Safe Yes
Made in the UK No
Recylable? Yes
Free Delivery No
Length 324mm (12.75 in)
Width 229mm (9in)

Food Safe - this bag can be used for all types of food products, as well as animal products and pharmaceuticals

Good for light sensitive products that need storage or transport

Strong Seals - the strong grip seals will close securely even after many uses

These bags have resin code 4 and are recyclable. You should check with your local Council to see if you can recycle plastic bags and film with your household recycling. Some Local Authorities will take it away but it is limited.

For those who can't recycle plastic films and bags at home, you can take it to be recycled at carrier bag collection points at the larger stores of most major supermarkets including Tesco, Asda, Morrisons, Sainsbury's, The Co-op and Waitrose.

How can I be sure that I am ordering the right bag?

Double check the measurements against your product, remembering that these bags are flat and if your product has depth that will impact on the width you need and you could well need a wider bag than you think. If you need help give us a call or contact us via the online chat. If you are still not sure which size you need we can send you a sample to test – please email with your request, and don’t forget to give us your address.

What is your returns policy?

If you do happen to order the wrong bags or you find it is not suitable after all we will happily accept them back, unused and in a saleable condition. You will need to call us right away and request a returns number. We will need to receive the bags back within 14 days of when you received them. You will need to send them back at your own cost but once received we will make the refund to you quickly.

What are Blue Grip Seal Bags Used for ?

Blue grip seal bags serve various purposes across different industries and personal applications. Here are some common uses for Transpack's blue grip seal bags:

  1. Storage and Organisation: Blue grip seal bags are often used for storing and organising small items. The colour blue can help differentiate and categorise items based on their contents. They are particularly useful for sorting and storing small parts, components, or supplies in industries like manufacturing, electronics, crafts, or hobbyists.
  2. Document Protection: Blue grip seal bags can be used to protect important documents from light, damage or moisture. They are commonly used for storing and transporting papers, contracts, certificates, or photographs. The grip seal closure ensures that the documents remain secure and protected.
  3. Food Storage: Transpack's quality coloured resealable bags are designed for food storage purposes. They are made from food-safe films and can be used to store snacks, ingredients, or other food items. The airtight closure provided by the grip seal helps maintain freshness and prevents the entry of moisture or contaminants.
  4. Medical and Laboratory Applications: Blue seal again bags are often utilised in medical and laboratory settings. They can be used to store and transport specimens, samples, or sensitive medical supplies. The blue colour may also help differentiate between different types of samples or indicate specific handling requirements.
  5. Security and Confidentiality: Blue reseal bags can offer some security as they are semi-opaque and you will battle to see what the product or brand is inside the bag. 
  6. Packaging and Branding: Blue grip seal bags can be used for packaging products, particularly those that benefit from a blue colour scheme or have a branding association with the colour blue. They offer a secure and visually appealing packaging solution for various items, such as small retail products, promotional items, or giveaways.

Remember, while these are some common applications, the use of blue grip seal bags can vary depending on specific needs and preferences. The versatility and convenience of grip seal bags make them a popular choice for a wide range of industries and personal use cases.