Pure Kraft Paper Pure Kraft 88gsm 600mm x 225 metre

Pure Kraft Paper Rolls 88gsm 600mm x 225 metre

Pure  Kraft Paper Pure Kraft 88gsm 900mm x 225 metre

Pure Kraft Paper Rolls 88gsm 900mm x 225 metre

Pure Kraft Paper Rolls 88gsm 750mm x 225 metre

RecyclableHome CompostableBiodegradeableFrom Sustainable Sources

Pure Kraft Paper Rolls for wrapping, masking and protective packaging 

Roll Size: 750mm x 225 metre (all sizes come with a 5% manufacturing tolerance)

Paper Thickness: 88gsm

Ribbed Pure Kraft Paper with a slight sheen on one side (machine glazed)

Transpack's Kraft paper is eco-friendly, biodegradable, home compostable and made from sustainable resources.

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Transpack stocks a wide variety of different types of Kraft paper, from strong 88gsm Pure Kraft to coloured Kraft Papers. If you are concerned about what type of Kraft Paper you should be using for your project, contact our sales team for advice on sales@transpack.co.uk / 02380 869999.

  • Eco-friendly Pure Kraft is very strong wrapping paper and masking paper, with excellent burst and wet strength
  • Not to be confused with cheaper but inferior imitation Krafts
  • Transpack Pure Kraft Paper Roll are all standard ROLLS
  • Roll Dimensions: approx. 750mm wide x approx 225metres long, its also excellent value for money. All sizes come with a 5% industry-approved manufacturing tolerance. Please specify on your order if the roll needs to be an exact size
  • Other Pure Kraft Roll widths are also available and some can be cut to specific sheet size. Contact us for more information
  • Our Kraft Rolls are Machine Glazed - slight sheen on one side, which improves the moisture barrier, strength, stiffness and a smooth surface for printing and anti-scuffing.
  • Kraft Paper can be used very successfully as masking paper for spraying booths when masking off spray areas on vehicles and yachts
  • Pure Kraft Paper is not only plastic-free and recyclable, but it is also biodegradable and compostable, which relieves pressure on landfill waste and impact on the environment 
  • For more information on Kraft paper, click here for our fact sheet
  • Pair Transpack Pure Kraft Papers with our Eco-friendly printed paper tape for a perfect all round recyclable, sustainable package
  • Click here for Recycled Coloured Kraft and Recycled Brown Kraft paper
More Information
Made in the UK No
Recylable? Yes
Home Compostable? Yes
Biodegradable? Yes
FSC approved Yes
Free Delivery No
Length 225M
Width 750mm

Benefits of using Transpack's Pure Kraft Rolls:

  • Pure Kraft paper is the most Eco-friendly choice in protective packaging that you can make for your business. It's made from sustainable resources and is 100% biodegradable and plastic free packaging. 
  • All Pure Kraft papers are recyclable with curb side waste and home compostable
  • Due to its strength and moisture resistance and good wet strength, Pure Kraft is ideal for masking paper for spray painting projects on cars and yachts
  • Kraft paper is a plant friendly packing resource for void fill, protective packaging wrapping paper and furniture wrapping
Kraft paper is easily recyclable and compostable. Most, if not all, of Local Authorities will take paper with curbside paper recycling collections, but they must not be soiled with food, grease or other contaminants.

What is the difference between Pure Kraft Paper and Imitation Kraft Paper ?

Pure Kraft paper and imitation Kraft paper are both types of packaging paper, but they differ in terms of their composition, production process, and properties. Here are the key differences between Pure Kraft paper and imitation Kraft paper:


  1. Pure Kraft Paper is made from sustainably resourced, 100% virgin wood pulp. It is typically unbleached, resulting in a natural brown colour. The fibres used in its production are long and strong, providing excellent strength and durability.
  2. Imitation Kraft Paper, also known as "recycled Kraft paper" or "mottled Kraft paper", is made from a mixture of recycled paper fibres, including both virgin and recycled pulp. It may contain a percentage of other materials like fillers or additives, depending on the specific production process.

Production Process:

  1. Pure Kraft Paper is typically produced using the Kraft pulping process, where wood chips are cooked in a solution to break down the lignin and extract the cellulose fibres. The fibres are then processed into paper using various refining and drying techniques.
  2. Imitation Kraft Paper is made using a combination of recycled paper fibres. The recycled fibres are mixed with new pulp, and the resulting pulp mixture is processed into paper through similar refining and drying methods as Pure Kraft paper.


  1. Pure Kraft Paper is known for its superior strength, tear resistance, and burst strength. It has excellent moisture resistance, making it suitable for packaging applications where protection against moisture is required, or as spray masking paper. The surface of Pure Kraft paper is typically smooth and printable, allowing for sharp and vibrant printing results.
  2. Imitation Kraft Paper: While imitation Kraft paper offers decent strength, it is generally not as strong or tear-resistant as Pure Kraft paper. It will have lower moisture resistance due to the inclusion of recycled fibres. The surface of imitation Kraft paper can be rougher compared to Pure Kraft paper, affecting its printability.


  1. Pure Kraft Paper is commonly used in applications that require high strength, such as heavy-duty packaging, box liners, and industrial applications. It is also suitable for printing, making it popular for retail packaging like gift bags and wrapping paper.
  2. Imitation Kraft Paper is often used for lighter packaging applications, protective wrapping-packing paper, and void fillers. It is frequently used in industries that prioritise cost-effectiveness.

In summary, Pure Kraft paper is made from 100% virgin wood pulp, offering superior strength, durability, and moisture resistance. Imitation Kraft paper is a blend of recycled and virgin fibres, with slightly lower strength properties and potential variations in surface texture and printability. The choice between the two depends on the specific requirements of the packaging application and the desired balance between strength, cost, and environmental considerations.

What does Machine Glazed mean?

Machine glazed paper has a slight sheen on one side. This finish is produced by allowing the wet paper to dry against a highly-polished metal cylinder. It doesn't affect the recylability of the paper.

How do I home compost this Kraft paper?

Tear the paper into thin strips and add dig it inot your compost heap

How do I recycle Kraft paper?

Kraft paper is fully recyclable and can be added to home recycle bins