Pure  Kraft Paper Pure Kraft 88gsm 750mm x 225 metre

Pure Kraft Paper Rolls 88gsm 750mm x 225 metre

Pure Kraft Paper Rolls 88gsm 600mm x 225 metre

RecyclableHome CompostableBiodegradeableFrom Sustainable Sources

Pure Kraft Paper Rolls

Roll Size: 600mm x 225 metre (all sizes come with a 5% manufacturing tolerance)

Paper Grammage: 88gsm

Ribbed paper with a slight sheen on one side

Discover the power of Pure Kraft paper rolls: Reliable, sustainable, eco-friendly and cost-effective packaging and protection for every business need

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Transpack stocks a wide range of Kraft papers in different lengths, widths abd colours for so many purposes. Our Kraft paper is made from sustainable resources, is eco-friendly and biodegradable. 

  • Eco-friendly Pure Kraft is very strong wrapping paper, packing paper and spray painting paper, with excellent burst and wet strength
  • Pure virgin Kraft paper should not be confused with cheaper and inferior imitation Kraft's
  • Transpack Kraft rolls are all industry standard ROLLS
  • Roll Dimensions: approx. 600m wide x 225metres long. All sizes come with a 5% industry-approved manufacturing tolerance. Please specify on your order if the roll needs to be an exact size.
  • Transpack's Kraft Rolls come in 3 other widths. View more options here. Contact our sales team if you require sheet sizes as we can have these rolls cut down.
  • Our Pure Kraft is Machine Glazed - slight sheen on one side. This allows for a smoother surface, moisture resistant, improved strength and stiffness and easier runnability.
  • For more information on Kraft paper, click here for our fact sheet
  • Click here for Recycled Coloured Kraft and Recycled Brown Kraft paper
  • Please note that Pure Kraft paper can vary in colour slightly from mill to mill and types of wood pulp used. Colours can range from a light caramel colour to a darker brown colour, but quality is never compromised.

More Information
Made in the UK No
Recylable? Yes
Home Compostable? Yes
Biodegradable? Yes
FSC approved Yes
Free Delivery No
Length 225M
Width 600mm

The benefits of Transpack Pure Kraft paper includes:

  • Our Kraft papers are 100% recyclable with paper waste
  • Our Kraft paper is made from responsible sustainable resources
  • Pure Kraft Papers are compostable and biodegradable, reducing the waste pressure on landfill and impact on the environment
  • Pure Kraft with machine glaze is plastic free
  • Machine glazed Kraft paper offers better moisture resistance and strength which makes it ideal for masking off during spray painting projects 
  • 88gsm Pure Kraft is strong and will give good cushioning effect when used as void fill and for protecting delicate items in storage or during transporting
Kraft paper is easily recyclable and compostable. Most, if not all, of Local Authorities will take paper with curb side paper recycling collections, but they must not be soiled with food, grease or other contaminants. To home compost Kraft papers, simply tear into strips, wet well and dig into your compost heap. Kraft paper acts as "browns" in a compost heap and are very beneficial.

What does Machine Glazed mean and what are the benefits?

Machine glazed paper has a slight sheen on one side. This finish is produced by allowing the wet paper to dry against a highly-polished metal cylinder. It doesn't affect the recyclability or biodegradability of the paper.

Machine glazed Pure Kraft Paper allows for a smoother surface, offers moisture resistance making this paper ideal for masking for spray painting. Machine Glaze (MG) improves the strength and stiffness of the paper and the smoother surface improves runnability off the rolls.

What eco-friendly product can be used to wrap and protect crockery for transporting?

Eco-friendly, plastic-free Pure Kraft Paper is ideal for interlacing between delicate items, as well as a good void fill. It's strong 88gsm offers good cushioning and it's machine glazed side prtoects your delicvate items from scuffing. Transpack offers 3 widths of Pure Kraft packing paper.

Why is Pure Kraft Paper Rolls Machine Glazed, what are the benefits of glazed?

Pure kraft paper is machine glazed to enhance its surface characteristics and provide additional properties that make it more suitable for specific applications. Here are the reasons why pure kraft paper is machine glazed:

  1. Surface Smoothness: The glazing process involves passing the kraft paper through highly polished metal rollers under pressure. This compresses the paper fibres and creates a smooth, slightly glossy surface. The glazing process reduces the surface roughness of the paper, resulting in improved printability and ink holdout. The smooth surface allows for sharp and vibrant printing results, making the paper more visually appealing.
  2. Moisture Resistance: The glazing process increases the density of the paper surface, creating a barrier against moisture, oil, and grease. The compressed fibres make it more difficult for liquids to penetrate the paper, thereby enhancing its moisture resistance. This property is particularly beneficial in packaging applications where protection against moisture is crucial to preserve the integrity of the packaged contents, as well as masking paper for spray paintnig jobs.
  3. Improved Strength and Stiffness: Machine glazing imparts additional strength and stiffness to pure kraft paper. The compression of the fibres during the glazing process enhances the paper's tensile strength, tear resistance, and bursting strength. It also increases the paper's stiffness, allowing it to maintain its form and provide structural support. These enhanced strength properties make machine-glazed pure kraft paper more durable and suitable for demanding applications.
  4. Improved Runnability on Machines: Machine glazing can improve the runnability of pure kraft paper on printing and converting machines. The smooth surface reduces the friction between the paper and the machine's components, leading to smoother and more efficient production processes. This can result in increased productivity and reduced downtime.

Overall, machine glazing improves the surface properties of pure kraft paper, making it smoother, more moisture-resistant, and stronger. These enhancements expand the range of applications where the paper can be used effectively and provide added value in terms of printability, durability, and protection of packaged contents.