Pure Kraft Paper Rolls

Transpack's Biodegradable Pure Kraft Paper, not to be confused with cheaper, inferior "imitation" kraft papers. Ours is a very strong industrial paper and wrapping paper with excellent burst and wet strength, not easily punctured or torn. From sustainable forests and recyclable. We also stock recycled Coloured Kraft Wrapping Paper in 10 colours.


  • Uses: Gift wrapping, parcel wrapping, wrap school books, crafts, kraft table cloth - perfect for scribbling on!
  • Good masking ability for spray painting boats and cars
  • Please see our Kraft Paper factsheet for more information
  • Pure kraft is 100% recyclable and biodegradable


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  1. Counter Roll Holder - 1000mm
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  2. Pure Kraft Paper Rolls 50gsm | 500mm x 200 metre
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Kraft Paper Factsheet

Kraft paper is a special quality of paper designed to have greater tear, burst and wet strength than normal papers. It comes in a wide variety of forms, but all the kraft we supply is Pure Ribbed MG kraft on rolls.

Are Pure Kraft brown wrapping paper rolls environmentally friendly?
Yes. All of our Pure Kraft ranges of brown wrapping paper rolls are sourced from sustainable forests as well as being fully recyclable after use.

  • Pure - means it is not weakened by the addition of waste elements.
  • Ribbed - it is slightly stronger in the ribbed direction.
  • MG - "machine glazed" on one side. Use this as the outer of your parcel - it is more impervious to hazard.

What is imitation kraft?

Exactly what it’s name implies. It is an imitation material that is made of part or all recycled materials. Some imitation kraft is almost indistinguishable from the real thing - but some of it is very poor and has little inherent strength.

Can this kraft be used to mask up cars for spraying?

Yes. But there is a specially made "masking kraft" supplied by many auto factors which is more economical.

I want to wrap 1" dia 4ft metal tubes - 6 per pack. Can I use kraft?

Yes. It does make sense to strap them together first before you roll them up in the kraft. Bear in mind though, the kraft won’t prevent denting.

Is the kraft waxed?

No. Our kraft does not have a wax coating. Like bitumenised kraft (kraft union), waxed kraft is available for special order.

Can I get a dispenser for kraft rolls?

Yes we supply a Counter Roll Holder which can be mounted on a bench or a wall.

Can I get kraft in cut sheets?

Yes. There are some standard sizes available to order. Lead time is about 2 weeks.

Can kraft be recycled?

Yes and it also comes from sustainable forests.