Opaque Mailing Bags

Opaque Polythene mailing bags in grey,pink, metallic blue, bright blue and dark green for all your mailed out products. Most of the bags are medium duty for general use but we also stock a heavy duty range for heavier, bulkier or awkward objects. All are recyclable and have self seal flaps for easy filling and sealing.


  • All our Mailing Bags are medium duty to avoid “show-through”, with an additional heavy duty range for shipping heavier packets
  • Mailing Bags are waterproof and durable
  • Heavy Duty mail bags are puncture resistant offering extra protection
  • See also our range of Document Enclosed Envelopes

Why use Opaque Mailing bags?

Coloured or non-see-through postal bags offer extra security as no one can see the goods inside. They have a tamper proof peel and seal strip that offers extra protection to your products. A business can also use coloured mailing bags for product and brand identification. Use colours that represent your corporate colours so that customers know those are your bags instantly, brilliant brand awareness.