Carrier Bags

High strength white glossy and clear carrier bags, some with reinforced handles for added strength. White plastic bags are available in both standard and heavy duty. Clear bags available in standard duty or biodegradable film. Standard and Heavy duty bags are recyclable.


  • The standard duty is 120 gauge and suitable for all general purposes and lighter loads
  • The Heavy duty is variogauge which means that the polythene is 360 gauge at the handle for added strength and 180 gauge at the base,  and is suitable for heavier items
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Polythene Carrier Bags - Help & Advice

The plastic carrier bags we supply are all square cut bags with cut-out handles and a gusset at the bottom of the bag. We do not supply the very thin (usually striped) bags often used on market stalls.

Standard bags are 120g (30 micron) with a cut out handle that is reinforced with an extra layer.

Heavy Duty bags are 180g (45micron) bags but they are twice as thick in the handle area. All our heavy duty carriers are of printable quality.

What is the smallest quantity that can be printed?

You can get 1,000 carriers printed so long as only 1 colour bag and print is involved. For print involving 2 colours or more the minimum moves quickly up to 5,000.

How long does printing take?

Once you approve the proof a single colour print will take about 14/21 days. Multi-colour prints take longer.

What extras are involved in the printing costs?

The extras that most people forget are the printing plates (called stereos). These cost at least £55.00 each, so on a single colour print on one side of a bag this is the only charge. A two colour print on two sides of the bag may involve 4 plates – a cost of £220.00 or more!

Can I get carriers with rope handles?

Yes, you can - but we do not supply them. Be warned, though, carriers of this type are normally made to order and may suffer a high minimum quantity, and, of-course, they're not cheap.

Can I get carriers that are smaller than the standard sizes?

Yes. But there is often a high minimum quantity for special sizes.

If I approve a proof immediately - what is the fastest turnaround on a single colour print for 1,000 carriers?

If everything is done as fast as possible you could get your bags in 2 weeks. This is, however, the exception - not the rule!

Can you reproduce a photograph on a carrier bag?

Sorry, we cannot. The kind of printing we use cannot cope with half tones or even very close register.