Mattress & Sofa Storage Bags

A range of strong white polythene bed/mattress bags in 2 gauges - Medium duty 250 guage for storage &  450 guage heavy duty for storage, extra protection and transit, and also a range of sofa/chair storage bags. Ideal if you are moving house, or need to store some furniture for a while.


  • Mattress Bags are long enough to fully enclose the mattress, for cleanliness/hygiene & safety
  • Designed for mattress depths up to 260mm
  • Waterproof Plastic Bags
  • They can be sealed with our self adhesive packing tapes
  • Sofa and Armchair bags in Clear 200 gauge polythene, 4 sizes and waterproof (once sealed with tape)
  • Useful as a dustsheet, as a cover while decorating or to protect your furniture while in transit