Pallet & Bundling Stretch Film

Pallet Wrap, Shrink Wrap, Stretch Film & Stretch Wrap Solutions for Business

Transpack is a leading UK business supplier of coloured (black) and clear pallet wrap, cling film, stretch film and stretch wrap. Pallet wrap is a fast and cost effective solution to store, ship and distribute pallets of goods in a stable, covered, and waterproof fashion.


Benefits of Cling Film, Pallet Wrap and Stretch Film

Added benefits of stretch film and pallet wrap includes the extra protection against water, moisture and dust. Goods that have been wrapped in stretch film can also provide an additional deterrent from theft.

Choose between clear cast stretch film for pallet wrapping and other load securing jobs or a blown black film alternative for heavy loads.

Ultra HD stretch film is more suitable to pallet wrap bricks and other rough and heavy materials.

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Pallet Wrap & Shrink WrapFeatures:

  • We supply the pallet wrap dispenser handles for most stretch films and in 3 core sizes
  • This range of products is easy to assemble, fit and use

For shrink-wrapping polythene onto pallets for extra security and protection - click here and find out more.

Shrink wrap and Pallet Wrap FAQs

What colours can I order pallet wrap/cling film in?
We stock clear and black pallet wrap which is ready to buy online

What are the sizes that pallet wrap, shrink wrap and cling film comes in?
At Transpack we supply pallet wrap in a number of sizes including; 100mm x 150 meters, 400mm x 300 meters, 400mm x 200 meters and 500mm x 250 meters.

What is cast stretch wrap?
Cast stretch wrap is manufactured by a cast extrusion process. A characteristic of this is that the process enables the stretch film to high clarity and good tear resistance.

What is blown stretch wrap?
Blown stretch wrap is manufactured by a blown extrusion process. This approach enables stretch film wrap to often have better stretch and loading capacities.

What is pallet wrap and shrink wrap used for?
Pallet wrap can be a fast and effective packaging solution for many purposes. Whilst the most common use includes storage, shipping and transportation of goods on pallets, it can be used for everything from covering and protecting bricks and building materials, through to effective movement of any volumes of goods and equipment.