Packaging Tapes White polyprop Packing Tape 50mm x 66 metre

Packaging Tapes - White Polyprop Packing Tape 50mm x 66 metre

Packaging Tapes Braked Tape Dispenser  for 50mm wide tape

Packing Tape Dispenser Braked for 50mm wide tape

Packaging Tapes - Yellow Polyprop Packing Tape 50mm x 66 metre

Yellow Polyprop Packing Tape

50mm x 66 metre

A great colour to decorate parcels and colour code products

Use in a house move to colour code boxes that should go into different rooms ie green for kitchen, red for bedroom, blue for lounge area.

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  • Yellow Polyprop Packing Tape
  • 50mm x 66 metre
  • Packing Tape also available in blue, red, green and white
  • Used by restaurants to colour code equipment and food containers
  • Used by the health industry to colour products and how they should handled and stored
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Colour/Finish Yellow
Made in the UK No
Free Delivery No
Length 66M
Width 50mm
  • Coloured tape is a great way to stop parcel pilfering as the tape is difficult to reseal and colour match
  • Great for companies to use their branding colour and make their parcels stand out and easily identifiable
  • Decorate your parcels cost effectively with coloured tapes
  • Used by butcheries to colour code cuts of meat for easy identification during transit
  • Used by restaurants and retail stores to identify meat, vegetarian and vegan products
  • Use yellow packaging tape to identify vegetarian products in your resturant

What are the colour codes for various foods in restaurants and grocery stores?

Red: Raw Meat / Green: Processed or Cooked Meats

Blue: Seafood / Yellow: Chicken

White: Milk Products / Green: Soy / Yellow: Wheat products

How do I colour code meat products, vegetarian and vegan products?

Use our coloured tape for easy, cost effective colour coding. These may vary but usually it is as follows:

Green: Vegan (some restaurants will use green for vegetarian as well)

Yellow: Vegetarian

Blue: Pescetarian

Orange: Gluten Free

White: sugar free (and also used to identify dairy products)

What is yellow packaging tape used for?

Use yellow tape to brighten up your e-commerce boxes. Help your company brand stand out. Colour code the product inside the box. Colour code vegetarian products from other products to prevent cross contamination.