Plain Packaging Tapes

A range of quality packaging tapes for use in the packing area to secure cartons and parcels. Choose from economy, general purpose and quality vinyl tapes, printed tapes, coloured tapes and also dispensers and read our FAQ's to find our which is the best option for you.


  • General Purpose Packing tape - in clear and brown, a silent PP tape with slow release. Requires a braked tape dispenser as it can't be torn by hand. Works nest in conditions warmer than 2°c
  • Deluxe vinyl tape - also in clear and brown - branded quality PVC packing tape. Strong, silent & slowest release. Can be orn by hand or used with a dispenser. Will work well in colder conditions down to -20°c
  • Economy Packing Tape - a standard 30mic PP tape (not lightweight) faster release and some unwind noise. Tape dispenser required.
  • Fragile Tape - White packaging tape printed "Fragile" in red. Coloured Packaging Tape in Blue, Red, Yellow and White for packaging and colour coding
  • We also stock a quality self-adhesive paper tape which can be recycled with the carton, for an eco-friendly packaging alternative
  • You can have your own printed logo and address for less than you think; see the Printed Packaging tape section
  • To help you decide which is the right tape for you, read our FAQ's