Organza Ribbon Light Pink 25mm x 20m

Organza Ribbon LIGHT PINK | PASTEL PINK 25mm x 20m

Organza Ribbon Purple 25mm x 20m

Organza Ribbon PURPLE 25mm x 20m

Organza Ribbon ORANGE 25mm x 20m


ORANGE Organza Ribbon

Ribbon Dimensions: 25mm wide x 20metres length

We love orange organza ribbon for its vibrant and energetic appeal, adding a burst of colour and liveliness to events, crafts and decorations. Its sheer and delicate texture lends an elegant touch, making it a favourite choice for adding a splash of warmth and fun to any project.

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Discover Transpack's exquisite ribbon range, featuring a plethora of textiles, colours and designs to suit every creative endeavour, event or product launch. From luxurious satin and hessians to delicate organza's and linen ribbons, our high-quality ribbons are the perfect finishing touch for gifts, crafts, and events.

More Information
Colour/Finish Orange
Made in the UK No
Recylable? Yes
Free Delivery No
Length 20M
Width 25mm

What can I use orange organza ribbons for?

Orange organza ribbons offer a delicate and vibrant touch to various projects and occasions. Here are three popular uses for orange organza ribbons:

  1. Gift Wrapping: Add a burst of colour and elegance to your gift wrapping by using orange organza ribbons. They can be tied into beautiful bows or used as decorative accents on gift boxes, adding a touch of sophistication and warmth to your presents.
  2. Event Decorations: Orange organza ribbons are ideal for decorating special events such as weddings, parties, or corporate gatherings. Use them to adorn chairs, drape them across plain table runners, or create stunning ribbon strings that hang down boring backdrops. The sheer and flowing nature of organza ribbons adds a graceful and ethereal ambiance to any occasion, especially when a breeze catches them.
  3. Crafts and DIY Projects: Orange organza ribbons can be incorporated into various craft projects, such as scrapbooking, hair accessories, or jewellery making. They can be used as ribbons on handmade cards, as decorative elements in DIY floral arrangements, or as delicate accents on handmade crafts, adding a vibrant and eye-catching touch.

Let your creativity shine, and explore the endless possibilities that orange organza ribbons offer in bringing beauty and charm to your projects.

Is Organza Ribbon the same as Chiffon Ribbon?

Often called the same thing, but whilst Organza ribbon and chiffon ribbon are similar in appearance and both made from lightweight, sheer fabrics. However, there are some differences between the two which should be noted before making your decision of which to use:

Organza ribbon is typically made from a crisp and tightly woven fabric with a slightly stiffer texture. It has a subtle sheen and holds its shape well when tied into bows or used for decorative purposes. Quality organza ribbon has a woven edge to prevent fraying and to hold it's shape.

Chiffon ribbon is made from a softer and more flowing fabric. It has a smoother texture and a more delicate drape compared to organza ribbon. Chiffon ribbon is often used for creating softer, romantic, and ethereal effects in crafts, fashion, and décor. It can have a woven edge or a frayed edge for a more rustic charm.

While both ribbons share a similar airy and sheer quality, the slight differences in texture and drape make them suitable for different design preferences and applications.