Organza Ribbon Ivory 25mm x 20m

Organza Ribbon IVORY | CREAM 25mm x 20m

Cellophane Wrap Clear Clear Cellophane wrap 800mm x 100metres

Cellophane Wrap Clear | Hamper Wrap | Florist Wrap | 800mm x 100metres

Organza Ribbon LAVENDER| PASTEL PURPLE 25mm x 20m


Lavender  Organza Ribbon

Ribbon Dimensions: 25mm wide x 20metres in length 

Enhance your creations with the ethereal charm of lavender (also called pastel purple) organza ribbon. Its delicate sheen and versatile appeal make it the perfect choice for adding elegance and sophistication to any occasion

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Transpack stocks a variety of ribbons made from organza, hessian, jute, satin or cotton. Our ribbons are top quality and used for a variety of projects. We also produce bespoke ribbons with your logo or design and preferred colour. Contact our sales team for a quote:

More Information
Colour/Finish Lavender
Made in the UK No
Recylable? Yes
Free Delivery No
Length 20M
Width 25mm

Benefits of using Transpack's Lavender 25mm Organza Ribbon?

  1. Elegance and Delicacy: Lavender organza ribbon exudes an air of elegance and delicacy, enhancing the visual appeal of any project or decoration. Its soft and soothing colour adds a touch of sophistication and a subtle sense of luxury to floral arrangements, gift wrapping, and crafts.
  2. Versatility: Lavender organza ribbon is incredibly versatile, suitable for a wide range of occasions and themes. Whether it's a wedding, baby shower, or a romantic event, this ribbon complements different styles and aesthetics, seamlessly blending with both traditional and contemporary designs.
  3. Textural Appeal: Organza ribbon offers a unique textural appeal. Its sheer and lightweight fabric provides a gentle and flowing quality, adding movement and dimension to any project. The delicate sheen of the lavender organza ribbon catches the light, creating a captivating visual effect and enhancing the overall beauty of the decoration or gift.

Why is a wiven edge important on a good quality Organza Ribbon?

A woven edge is important on organza ribbon as it provides stability and prevents fraying. The woven edge adds durability, allowing the ribbon to be used in various applications without the risk of unravelling, ensuring a polished and professional finish. The woven edge also makes it easier for the ribbon to hold a shape, like a bow.