Organza Ribbon

NEW This pretty quality Organza ribbon is both lightweight and flexible and is available in a rainbow of colours.

Organza Ribbon is popular for use in craft projects, scrapbooking and for use in table centrepieces and floral displays.

The woven edges help prevent fraying.

20m of Organza Ribbon to a reel.

Thumbnail Product Code Width Length Colour/Finish Price per reel for quantity shown Qty
Organza Ribbon Chocolate Brown 25mm x 20m RIBZCH25 25mm 20M Brown 3.993.503.10
Organza Ribbon Cerise  25mm x 20m RIBZCER25 25mm 20M Cerise 3.993.503.10
Organza Ribbon Fuchsia 25mm x 20m RIBZFU25 25mm 20M Fuchsia 3.993.503.10
Organza Ribbon Light Pink 25mm x 20m RIBZLP25 25mm 20M Pink (Light) 3.993.503.10
Organza Ribbon Dusty Pink  25mm x 20m RIBZCP25 25mm 20M Pink 3.993.503.10
Organza Ribbon Lavender  25mm x 20m RIBZLAV25 25mm 20M Lavender 3.993.503.10
Organza Ribbon Purple 25mm x 20m RIBZPUR25 25mm 20M Purple 3.993.503.10
Organza Ribbon Royal Blue 25mm x 20m RIBZRB25 25mm 20M Blue (Royal) 3.993.503.10
Organza Ribbon Turquoise 25mm x 20m RIBZTUR25 25mm 20M Turquoise 3.993.503.10
Organza Ribbon Lime Green 25mm x 20m RIBZLG25 25mm 20M Green (Lime) 3.993.503.10
Organza Ribbon Ivory 25mm x 20m RIBZIV25 25mm 20M Ivory 3.993.503.10
Organza Ribbon Green 25mm x 20m RIBZGRN25 25mm 20M Green 3.993.503.10
Organza Ribbon Yellow 25mm x 20m RIBZYEL25 25mm 20M Yellow 3.993.503.10
Organza Ribbon Black 25mm x 20m RIBZBLK25 25mm 20M Black 3.993.503.10
Organza Ribbon Burgundy  25mm x 20m RIBZBUR25 25mm 20M Burgundy 3.993.503.10
Organza Ribbon Gold  25mm x 20m RIBZGO25 25mm 20M Gold 3.993.503.10
Organza Ribbon Silver 25mm x 20m RIBZSIL25 25mm 20M Silver 3.993.503.10
Organza Ribbon Red 25mm x 20m RIBZRED25 25mm 20M Red 3.993.503.10
Organza Ribbon Orange 25mm x 20m RIBZOR25 25mm 20M Orange 3.993.503.10
Product Description
At 25mm wide it is ideal for wrapping cello bags, gifts, wedding favour boxes and for tying linen napkins.

20m of Organza Ribbon to a reel.

Additional Information

Food Safe N/A
Made in the UK No
Recylable? Yes
Free Delivery No