Pallet & Bundling Stretch Film Black Heavy Duty Stretchfilm 23mic 500mm x 250M

Black Recycled HEAVY DUTY Stretch Film Pallet Wrap 25mic | 500mm x 250 metre

Pallet & Bundling Stretch Film Stretchfilm H/duty, cast, 20mic 400mm x 300 metre

Stretch Film HEAVY DUTY Clear Cast Pallet Wrap 20mic | 400mm x 300 metre

Stretch Film MEDIUM DUTY Pallet Wrap Cast 17mic | 400mm x 300 metre

Made in the UKRecyclable

Stretch Film Pallet Wrap Medium Duty Cast

Roll size: 400mm wide x 300 metres on a roll

Made from medium duty 17 micron film

Colour: Clear 

Secure palleted loads up to approx 500kg

Stretch film is also know as Bundling Film, Cling Film, shrink wrap and Pallet Wrap

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  • Good quality clear cast stretch film for pallet wrapping and other load securing jobs
  • This 17 micron stretch film is suitable for quickly wrapping and securing palletised loads up to approx 500kg in weight
  • Transpack's Pallet Wrap is clear and glossy with good clarity
  • Unwinds quietly and easily
  • Our medium duty cast pallet wrap has good cling quality for secure wrapping
  • Known as pallet wrap, stretch wrap or stretchfilm
  • Stretch Film is used very effectively by archaeologists to wrap and protect archaeological artefacts for transit and storage
More Information
Colour/Finish Clear
Made in the UK Yes
Recylable? Yes
Free Delivery No
Length 300M
Width 400mm

Benefits is using Transpack Pallet Wrap and Stretch Films: 

  • Transpack's quality Pallet Wrap is made from 17 micron cast film
  • Our Stretch Film has good stick/cling ability
  • Bulk orders discounts
  • Protect products during transporting from pilfering, moisture, rain, dust and toppling and falling 

How to protect larger archaeological artefacts for transporting and storage?

Stretch Film is excellent for either wrapping artefacts together in a bundle, or protecting archaeological artefacts for transporting and storage. We recommend a medium duty stretch film, or a heavy duty if the artefact is very heavy with sharp edges. We stock a small handheld roll for small items and bigger rolls for larger jobs or artefacts.

How do I secure boxes on a pallet for transporting?

Use recyclable Pallet Wrap, also known as Stretch Film or Shrink Wrap. Pull the Pallet Wrap around your pallet of boxes, from bottom to top, several times until the boxes stop moving when you push them. The Shrink Film will "shrink" and conform to your boxes, clinging to itself so ned for tape. If it's rainy season, pull a layer over the top of the boxes to prevent them getting wet. Use black pallet wrap if you need the products to be hidden from view, or clear pallet wrap if secrecy is not required. Transpack stocks a range of quality, well priced Pallet Wrap or Stretch Films. 

What does cast stretch film mean. What is the difference between Cast Stretch Film and Shrink Wrap?

"Cast stretch film" is a type of plastic film that is commonly used in packaging and is different from shrink film. Cast stretch film is a versatile packaging material that is made by a process called cast extrusion or cast film extrusion.

Cast stretch film, also known as Cast Pallet Wrap or bundling film, is manufactured using a process similar to casting shrink film, but with some differences. In the cast stretch film extrusion process, plastic resin is melted in an extruder and then extruded through a flat die onto a polished chill roll or casting drum, which is usually water-cooled. The extruded molten plastic is rapidly cooled on the chill roll or casting drum, which solidifies the film into a thin, flat sheet. The solidified film is then pulled or stretched in both machine direction (MD) and transverse direction (TD) using a series of rollers, which causes the film to become thinner and longer, while retaining its width.

The stretching process imparts unique properties to the cast stretch film, such as high tensile strength, excellent puncture resistance, and good clarity. The stretch film is typically wound into large rolls and can be used for various packaging applications, including palletising and group loads for shipping and storage. The film's ability to stretch, cling and conform tightly around irregularly shaped and stacked items provides stability during transporting, loading and storage, as well as protection, and security to the packaged products during transportation and handling.

Unlike shrink film, which requires heat to shrink and tightly wrap around products, cast stretch film achieves its load-holding properties through the mechanical stretching during the extrusion process, without the need for heat. It is widely used in industries such as logistics, warehousing, and transportation for securing and protecting palleted goods and other items for shipping and storage.