Clear Medium Duty Polythene Bags 200g

Food Safe

Fed up of losing track of small or loose items? These clear plastic bags will ensure that everything stays in one place. You can use them to store packing cables, paper and cardboard products, as well as dried pet food and cereals, as they are certified food safe

These polythene bags offer good clarity and strength.

Measurements listed show the width (opening edge) first, followed by the depth of the bag.

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Thumbnail SKU Length Width Diameter Gauge Color Price perPrice per 1000 for quantity shown Qty
PB250304 102mm 80mm 50mm 200g Clear --7.2012.009.007.00
PB250305 125mm 76mm 48mm 200g Clear --8.5011.0010.008.90
PB250406 150mm 100mm 63mm 200g Clear --9.9014.8012.0011.00
PB250608 200mm 150mm 95mm 200g Clear 8.05-20.0025.3022.4016.80
PB250709 225mm 175mm 111mm 200g Clear 8.20-21.3029.0024.4018.20
PB250812 300mm 200mm 127mm 200g Clear 8.65-22.5031.9027.0024.90
PB250810 250mm 200mm 127mm 200g Clear 9.32-23.3031.0026.6018.70
PB250912 305mm 225mm 142mm 200g Clear 10.51-25.2541.8031.9026.70
PB251012 305mm 250mm 158mm 200g Clear 10.73-26.8042.3039.9031.10
PB251015 375mm 250mm 158mm 200g Clear 10.87-35.0046.0041.6037.60
PB251215 375mm 300mm 190mm 200g Clear 11.93-35.0052.4046.6040.90
PB251218 450mm 300mm 190mm 200g Clear 14.15-42.0060.0055.1047.40
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PB251520 500mm 375mm 238mm 200g Clear 17.52-58.3078.6072.0065.00
PB251824 600mm 450mm 285mm 200g Clear -33.5574.10112.00102.7094.80
PB252030 750mm 500mm 317mm 200g Clear -44.7399.55156.70143.60132.60
PB253050 1270mm 762mm 484mm 200g Clear 38.00-167.50312.00305.00293.00
PB252436 900mm 600mm 318mm 200g Clear -62.43144.10224.10205.40189.60
PB253648 1200mm 900mm 571mm 200g Clear 104.34-333.85513.60484.00474.00
PB253660 1500mm 900mm 571mm 200g Clear 121.97-390.30565.00530.00514.00
  • Medium duty 200g polythene bag made from non-toxic, inert polythene offering good clarity and strength
  • These Medium duty bags are used to protect against dust and dirt, for presentation of goods and the protection of items
  • They are ideal for small medium weight smooth components, gifts, crafts, pens, food storage, small brochures, leaflets and instruction booklets
  • Measurements listed show the width first, followed by the depth of the bag
  • Made from food safe film
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Food Safe Yes
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