Mattress & Sofa Storage Bags 4 Seater Sofa 120 3048 x 1346mm

Sofa Storage Bags 4 Seater Sofa 120in 3048 x 1346mm

Mattress Bags & Sofa Bags

Made in the UKRecyclableLDPE

A strong white polythene bed/mattress bag in 2 gauges - Medium duty 250 guage for storage & 450 gauge heavy duty for transit

Mattress Bags are long enough to fully enclose the mattress, for cleanliness/hygiene & safety

Designed for mattress depths up to 260mm


Mattress bags open on the short edge

Sofa bags are clear and open on the long edge

They can be sealed with our self adhesive packing tapes

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Thumbnail SKU Length Width Gauge Color Price per bag for quantity shown Qty
PBCC1 1346mm 1829mm 250g Clear 3.80-2.952.65
PBCC2 1346mm 2108mm 250g Clear 4.30-3.503.00
PBCC3 1346mm 2794mm 250g Clear 4.454.453.953.55
PBBED30 2350mm 1175mm White 4.683.813.212.41
PBCC4 1346mm 3048mm 250 gauge Clear 4.994.994.554.00
PBBED46 2350mm 1700mm White 5.704.503.802.95
Out of stock
PBBED30HD 2350mm 1175mm White 6.604.954.403.60
PBBED50 2350mm 1850mm White 6.805.804.503.70
PBBED50HD 2350mm 1850mm White 8.257.506.555.95
PBBED46HD 2350mm 1700mm White 9.308.006.225.60
  • Range of furniture storage bags
  • Waterproof
  • Standard and Heavy Duty available
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