Double Mattress Bag

Mattress Storage Bags - Double Bed Bags | 4ft x 6ins - 1700 x 2350mm

Single heavy duty mattress bag

Mattress Storage Bags - Heavy Duty | Single-Bed Mattress Bag | 3ft - 1175 x 2350mm

Mattress Storage Bags | King Size Bed Bags | 5ft - 1850 x 2350mm

Food SafeRecyclableLDPE

Mattress Storage Bags King Size - 5ft

Mattress Bag Size: 1850 x 2350mm

Film Type: Made from recyclable 250 gauge/62.5 micron plastic film

Colour: White

Seal with packing tape along open edge to keep bag free from dust and moisture. Available for next day delivery if ordered from Transpack before 3pm (T&Cs apply)

Ths bag is available in a very strong Heavy Duty version if maximum protection and handling is required

Sold in single units | Please contact us for special pricing if you require 200+ bags for pallet delivery 

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  • Transpack's standard medium duty King Size Mattress bag is a good quality bag offering protection for your mattresses during moving or in storage
  • Once sealed with tape, our mattress bags are waterproof
  • Kin Size mattres bag dimensions are 1850 x 2350mm
  • Made from 250 gauge plastic film in white

Your king size mattresses will be kept safe in our mattress storage bags. They are waterproof and totally cover the mattress, meaning no rain, dust or dirt can work its way inside as long as you seal them well with tape. It will also protect your mattress from scuffing, should you be planning on transporting, moving or shipping it.

These bags are ideal whether you’re planning to keep your bed in storage for a short or long period but if they are going to be moved and handled a lot you might want to consider our Heavy Duty version. Please note they are suitable for mattresses up to 260mm deep.

More Information
Colour/Finish White
Food Safe Yes
Made in the UK No
Recylable? Yes
Free Delivery No
Length 2350mm
Width 1850mm
  • Keep mattresses dry and damp free with mattresses covers
  • Seal mattress bags well with packaging tape to keep bed bugs out of the mattress during storage
  • Mattress Bags protect mattresses from dust, grime and rain when moving
  • Transpack's mattress bags slide all the way over entire mattress, protecting them from rain and water damage during a move
  • This 250 gauge mattress bag is ideal for short term and long term storage

These bags have resin code 4 and are recyclable. You should check with your local Council to see if you can recycle plastic bags and film with your household recycling. Some Local Authorities will take it away but it is limited.

For those who can't recycle plastic films and bags at home, you can take it to be recycled at carrier bag collection points at the larger stores of most major supermarkets including Tesco, Asda, Morrisons, Sainsbury's, The Co-op and Waitrose.

How do I keep bed bugs and insects off my mattress whilst in storage?

Most importantly enclose your entire mattress in a good quality medium or heavy duty Mattress Bag. Seal the open side of the mattress bag with packaging tape so that there are no gaps for insects to crawl into.

What are the benefits of using Mattress bags?

Mattress Bags prevent mattress from getting scuffed and damaged during transit to your new home. There is nothing worse than unloading your white mattress and it is covered in grime and dust from the moving truck floor.

Mattress Bags also protect the mattress from rain and damp. Water damage can destroy a mattress and leave nasty stains that cannot be easily removed.

When a mattress is put into storage it is at risk of becoming infested with moths or bed bugs. When you seal a mattress very well inside a mattress bag, it can prevent these insects from getting to the mattress whilst in storage. The mattress bag will also protect your mattress from water damage, damp, dust and grime.