Clear Heavy Duty

Uses for Heavy Duty Layflat Tubing - 440g/110 micron or 500g

Use Our Heavy Duty Polythene Layflat tubing to package heavier products, or products which need a bit more protection, like metal or wood products, or carpets. It is also suitable for temporary air-ducting. To use, simply cut a length to size, insert your product and tape the ends over, or Heat Seal closed for a professional finish. This tubing is food safe, recyclable and heat sealable, and we have several widths to choose from. These rolls have been made from either 440g or 500g Polythene containing anti-static which means they open more easily. To make your own Polythene Bags we would recommend using this tubing with one of our impulse heat sealers with cutter.

Choosing the right width of Layflat Tubing

The width of the tubing is not the same as the diameter it will open to. As the tube opens up, the width decreases. To calculate the diameter of the tubing multiply the width x 2 and divide by 3.142. These rolls have a manufacturing tolerance of +/-10% on width, length and gauge.

To make it easier, we have included and estimated maximum diameter it will open out to, in each product description. Please contact us by phone, email or chat and one of our team will help you find the right tubing for your product. We also arrange a sample swatch for you to try.

Bespoke Layflat Tubing

Need a specific size, colour or printing on your lay flat? Have a look at our Custom Layflat Tubing page for more detail and then please get in touch if you would like a quote.

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Polythene Layflat Tubing Video Transcript

Layflat tubing is an endless and seamless tube of polythene in exactly the state it comes from the extrusion machine. I’m going to explain how we measure the tubing and how to choose the right size layflat for your needs. I’ll be using the example of 4” layflat but it comes in many different sizes.

4 inches is the width of the tubing when its laid out flat. In other words, it is half the circumference of the tube. This width is the measurement you will find on our website and in our catalogue. The diameter of the tubing (so the distance across the circular) is not therefore 4 inches and would not fit 4” diameter tubing inside. To fit over a pipe with a 4-inch diameter, the layflat circumference must be calculated. Let me show you how to do it. Take the diameter of your pipe – 4 inches, and multiply it by 3.142 (commonly known as Pi). This is the circumference of the tubing. And it comes to 12.568 inches. To get the layflat width you need to half this measurement. This comes to 6.284 inches. So, to fit a 4-inch diameter pipe inside layflat you will need layflat with a 6.248-inch width. The nearest size we stock is 7 inches. A nice fit, with a little space. Next comes the duty.

Polythene layflat tubing comes in 3 duties. Medium duty, Heavy Duty and Ultra Heavy Duty. Here are two examples to help you decide on the duty you need. Firstly - which duty would you need to hold steel angle iron? For this the medium duty wouldn’t be heavy enough. Heavy duty would be fine with limited handling, but we’d recommend Ultra Heavy Duty if you are going to dispatch with an outside carrier. How about curtains? Medium duty would suffice to hold curtains but not for shipping by carriers. For that we’d recommend Heavy Duty.