Jiffy Padded Bags

The original Jiffy bag is incredibly tough and made of recycled material
Jiffy bags have a flap and self seal strip with strong glue line for security and easy sealing

Proven to get thicker the more they are used
10 sizes in the Jiffy bag range - kept in stock for next day delivery
For lighter loads see our bubble lined Jiffy Airkraft Bags

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Thumbnail Product Code Qty Per Box Width Length Price per box for quantity shown Quantity
Jiffy Padded Bags JB00  Padded Bags  107 x 235mm Box of 200 JPB00 200 107mm 235mm 26.6025.5024.50
Jiffy Padded Bags JB0  Padded Bags 132 x 235mm Box of 200 JPB0 200 132mm 235mm 30.8328.9127.62
Jiffy Padded Bags JB1  Padded Bags 164 x 285mm Box of 100 JPB1 100 164mm 285mm 20.5519.8818.69
Jiffy Padded Bags JB2  Padded Bags 196 x 285mm Box of 100 JPB2 100 196mm 285mm 21.8520.9519.35
Jiffy Padded Bags JB3  Padded Bags 196 x 350mm Box of 100 JPB3 100 196mm 350mm 25.9524.8522.95
Jiffy Padded Bags JB4  Padded Bags 221 x 350mm Box of 100 JPB4 100 221mm 350mm 28.7027.5025.40
Jiffy Padded Bags JB5  Padded Bags 247 x 387mm Box of 100 JPB5 100 247mm 387mm 37.1035.5532.80
Jiffy Padded Bags JB6  Padded Bags  298 x 464mm Box of 50 JPB6 50 298mm 464mm 26.3824.6823.18
Jiffy Padded Bags JB7  Padded Bags  336 x 489mm Box of 50 JPB7 50 336mm 489mm 33.3029.0027.25
Jiffy Padded Bags JB8  Padded Bags 437 x 666mm Box of 50 JPB8 50 437mmn 666mm 56.5251.0547.95
Product Description
  • The original Jiffy bag and by far the toughest postal bag - actually proven to get thicker the more it is used
  • Made entirely of recyclable and recycled material

Additional Information

Food Safe N/A
Made in the UK No
Recylable? Yes
Free Delivery No