Jiffy Bubble Bag S/s Bp5  280 x 360mm

Self Seal Bubble Bags | Jiffy Bubble Bag S/S Bp5 280 x 360mm

Jiffy Bubble Bag S/s Bp7  380 x 435mm

Self Seal Bubble Bags | Jiffy Bubble Bag Self Seal Bp7 380 x 435mm

Self Seal Bubble Bags | Jiffy Protective Bubble Bag BP6 305 x 435mm

Made in the UKRecyclableRecycledPPT TAX EXEMPT - Made from more than 30% recycled material

Jiffy Self Seal Bubble Bags

Dimensions: 305 x 435mm plus self seal flap (BP6)

These bags will fit an A4 and an A3 artwork or print. If you artwork has a frame please request a sample to make sure the depth fits into the bag

Eco-friendly bags made from at least 30% recycled material - Plastic Packaging Tax (PPT) Exempt

These bubble bags are 100% recyclable 

150 per box (please order in box quantities)

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£57.60 inc VAT

  • Buy 2+ for £85.20 ( £42.6000 each) and save 11%
  • Buy 5+ for £192.00 ( £38.4000 each) and save 20%
  • Plastic bags made out of Jiffy Bubblewrap, complete with self sealing strip and flap
  • Saves a lot of cutting, folding, wrapping and taping!!!
  • Ideal for wrapping and protecting gifts, glass wear, plates and shallow ceramics
  • Store your products in these bags to protect from dust and knocks - and they will be also quick to package for shipment
More Information
Made in the UK Yes
Recylable? Yes
Made from Recycled Material? Yes
Made from >30% Recycled Material or Plastic Free? Yes
Free Delivery No
Length 435mm
Width 305mm
Qty Per Box 150

What are the benefits of using a large Bubble Bag?

Large and small bubble bags offer several benefits for packaging and shipping purposes. Here are some advantages of using bubble bags:

  1. Protection: Bubble bags are designed with a layer of small air-filled bubbles that provide cushioning and protection to the contents inside. The bubbles act as a shock absorber, helping to prevent damage from impacts, drops, and vibrations during transit. Our A4/A3-sized bubble bag offers a larger surface area to accommodate larger or bulkier items like artworks, while ensuring they are well-protected.
  2. Lightweight: Bubble bags are lightweight, which is beneficial for reducing shipping costs. The lightweight nature of the bag itself means that it adds minimal weight to the overall package, resulting in potential cost savings, particularly for items shipped by weight or volume.
  3. Small Bubble: Bubble bags are made from small bubble offering compact high impact protection
  4. Versatility: Our A4/A3-sized bubble bags can be used for a wide range of items, including large coffee table books, architect blueprints, photographs, larger electronics and gadgets, and various other fragile or delicate items. 
  5. Easy to use: Bubble bags are easy to use and require minimal preparation. Simply insert the item to be shipped, seal the bag with it's strong self-seal, tamper-proof strip, and it's ready for dispatch. The self-sealing adhesive strip on many bubble bags eliminates the need for additional packing tape, making the packaging process quick and convenient.
  6. Transparency: Bubble bags are usually semi-transparent, allowing for easy visibility of the contents. This feature can be beneficial for quick visual identification of the packaged items, which is particularly useful in scenarios where multiple packages need to be sorted or organised.
  7. Cost-effective: Bubble bags are typically affordable and cost-effective packaging solutions. They offer a balance between protection and cost, making them a popular choice for businesses, fulfilment companies and individuals looking for efficient and economical packaging options.
  8. Recyclable: Our bags are not only made from recycled content, contributing to the elimination of plastics in landfill, but they are also fully recyclable over and over again, making them a more eco-friendly choice than other conventional plastic bubble protection.
  9. PPT Exempt: Our bubble bags are made from at least 30% recycled content making them Plastic Packaging Tax Exempt (PPT). Helping businesses save that little extra on protective packaging 


Some Local Authorities now offer a household collection for the recycling of bubble wrap alongside plastic film and carrier bags but this is still limited. If your Council do not allow bubble recycling then it can be taken to your local Tesco's, Asada or Aldi store and placed into their plastics recycling cages

You should check with your local Authority or use Recycle Now's Recycling Locator Tool to find out abut your local arrangements.

Alternatively, bubble wrap can be recycled along with plastic film and carrier bags at some collection points such as supermarkets.

How can I be sure that I am ordering the right bubble bag?

Double check the measurements against your product, remembering that these bags are flat and if your product has depth that will impact on the width you need and you could well need a wider bag than you think. If you need help give us a call or contact us via the online chat. If you are still not sure which size you need we can send you a sample to test – please email sales@transpack.co.uk with your request, and don’t forget to give us your address.

What is your returns policy?

If you do happen to order the wrong bags or you find it is not suitable after all we will happily accept them back, unused and in a saleable condition. You will need to call us right away and request a returns number. We will need to receive the bags back within 14 days of when you received them. You will need to send them back at your own cost but once received we will make the refund to you quickly.