Heat Sealers Impulse Sealer With Cutter - 300mm Weld

Heat Sealers Impulse Sealer With Cutter - 300mm Weld

Heat Sealers Impulse Sealer With Cutter - 200mm Weld

Heat Sealer
Impulse Sealer With Cutter
200mm Weld
For sealing polythene, polypropylene and PVC
Weighs 3.81kg
*Free delivery applies to UK Mainland only

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  • Impulse Heat Sealers are only hot for the very short weld cycle - a matter of a fraction of a second
  • This makes them safer and cheaper to use
  • These sealers are extremely fast and will weld up to 2 layers of 800 gauge polythene, polypropylene and PVC
  • 350 watt
  • 200mm wide
  • Creates a 2mm seal
  • Fitted with a safety cutter
  • Can be used to trim or make bags from layflat tubing
  • Pair with a film unroller for easy application
  • Repair kit available (our code: HTSLRREPPBS200)
  • Our Heat Sealers come with a one year 'Return to Base' warranty. If in unlikely event of a fault, you will need to return the machine to the factory for inspection and repair - please contact us for details of how to do that.


More Information
Made in the UK No
Free Delivery Yes
Width 200mm weld
Our welds are coming out all puckered, what is wrong?

This is caused by too much heat - i.e. you need to turn down the dial until the puckering stops but the weld is still sound.

Our welds are bursting open when we fill the bag. Why?

This is probably due to slightly insufficient heat. Try turning up the dial by just half to one point at a time until the welds hold properly.

After a few welds I can see a blackish build-up on the teflon over the sealing strip. What is this?

Its melted polythene. You may have your heat turned up just a bit high and this is causing excessive melting during the welding process. The excess melted polythene ends up on your teflon cover. Simply wipe it off and turn the heat down. Heat sealers should always be run at the minimum temperature at which a successful weld can be achieved.

How does the Warranty work

This is a Return to Base Warranty which means that in the unlikely event of a failure you will need to get the machine back to the factory for inspection and repair if necessary. If you experience a problem with the machine, please get in touch with us. We will obtain a reference number and form for you to send to the factory with the machine. There is a cost for inspection and for returning the machine to you. If the repair isn't covered by the Warranty you will be provided with a quote. Consumable items like elements and teflon strips are not covered by the warranty and can be purchased seperately for home repair

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