Coloured Kraft Wrapping Paper - Purple 500mm x 120m

Coloured Kraft Wrapping Paper - Purple 500mm x 120m

Coloured Kraft Wrapping Paper - Turquoise 500mm x 120m

Coloured Kraft Wrapping Paper - Turquoise 500mm x 120m

Compostable & Biodegradable Film on a Roll - Natureflex™ 500mm x 50metres

Food SafeMade in the UKHome CompostableIndustrially CompostableBiodegradeablePPT TAX EXEMPT - Made from more than 30% recycled material

Home Compostable & Biodegradable Clear Eco Film

500mm wide

50 metres on a roll

30 micron Natureflex ™ Eco Wrap

Heat Sealable, Food Safe, Acid Free

Exempt from the Plastic Packaging Tax

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Clear Eco-friendly Wrap details

Our crystal clear home compostable florist wrap is ideal for wrapping bouquets but is also popular for gifts, hampers and bottles. It is food safe, biodegradable and home compostable - the perfect choice for eco-friendly businesses. 

  • 500mm wide x 50 metres on a roll
  • 30micron Natureflex ™ (a bio-based film)
  • Natureflex ™ film is made from woodpulp from sustainable sources
  • Food safe
  • Naturally anti-static
  • Home Compostable - It is certified to the EN 13432 norm for industrially compostable packaging and the Vincotte OK Compost Home standard. It is GM free and sourced from managed locations.
  • Good slip properties
  • High Stiffness
  • Good oxygen barrier
  • Consider applying one of our Compostable stickers to this Eco wrap so your customer knows that the film can be composted.
  • If you are thinking of switching from Polypropylene wrap to compostable this one we highly recommend that you request a sample first to try with your product as Natureflex does have a slightly different feel to Polypropylene.
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More Information
Colour/Finish Clear
Food Safe Yes
Made in the UK Yes
Made from >30% Recycled Material or Plastic Free? Yes
Home Compostable? Yes
Industrially Compostable? Yes
Biodegradable? Yes
Free Delivery No
Length 50m
Width 500mm

Home Compostable & Biodegradable

Food Safe

Crystal Clear

More flexible that the Nativia wrap

Heat sealable

Exempt from the Plastic Packaging Tax

What happens if NatureFlex ™ film ends up in landfill?

This film is designed to be disposed of by composting - either at home or in an industrial composter. The good news is that if it does end up in landfill, it won't release anything environmentally harmful into the soil or environment (including methane). However, its not the ideal way to dispose of it and there is no timeframe for it to break down as it will depend on the conditions present.

What happens if NatureFlex ™ film ends up in the sea?

NatureFlex ™was tested to and passed the ASTM D7081 standard. This standard demands 30% biodegradation in 30 days in seawater, which was achieved. This standard is currently ‘dormant’ pending future new standards. The film manufacturer believes that NatureFlex's ™ biodegradation in such an environment would be roughly linear (i.e. expect 50% biodegradation in 50 days, etc…) It also fully passes the physical disintegration tests of the standard and also passes the marine-ecotoxicity tests.