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Gusseted Cellophane Bags

These beautifully clear Cellophane Bags are made from 40-micron polypropylene (OPP) and include special side gussets to provide a three dimensional bag. They are 100% recyclable and airtight when heat-sealed. The bags have a crimped base which tucks neatly underneath when the gift bags are filled but also provide a strong and sturdy heavily reducing wear and tear.

Manufactured using 'food safe' film our gusseted cello bags are suitable for a packing a range of products such as; sweets, marshmallows, cupcakes, jewellery, pot-pourri, wedding favours, spices, mugs, cosmetics or accessories and a Food Contact certificate is available on request.

Thumbnail Product Code Width Length Colour/Finish Price perPrice per 1000 for quantity shown Qty
Clear Cellophane Gusseted Bags 49 x 90 x 155mm PPB02506GU 49x90mm 155mm Clear 5.6621.2537.8034.0028.30
Clear Cellophane Bottle Bags 60+ (4x30) x580mm PPBB113580GU 60mm 580mm Clear 32.10147.80274.00--
Clear Cellophane Bottle Bags 42+(4x21) x360mm PPBB78360GU 42mm 360mm Clear 15.7072.50134.00--
Clear Cellophane Gusseted Bags 55 x 90 x 155mm PPB03506GU 55x90mm 155mm Clear 5.6621.2537.8034.0028.30
Clear Cellophane Gusseted Bags 76 x 125 x 180mm PPB05070GU 76x125mm 180mm Clear 7.7529.0551.6046.4038.70
Clear Cellophane Gusseted Bags 76 x 125 x 229mm PPB05090GU 76x125mm 229mm Clear 9.5035.1062.5056.1046.80
Clear Cellophane Gusseted Bags 100 x 178 x 254mm PPB07100GU 100x178mm 254mm Clear 10.9641.1573.1065.8054.80
Clear Cellophane Gusseted Bags 120 x 180 x 305mm PPB07120GU 120x180mm 305mm Clear 11.8046.0081.0071.0058.00
Clear Cellophane Gusseted Bags 150 x 230 x 355mm PPB060914GU 150x230mm 355mm Clear 11.9547.8083.7071.8059.80
Clear Cellophane Gusseted Bags 177 x 279 x 356mm PPB071114GU 177x279mm 356mm Clear 15.9556.8599.5088.5072.40
Clear Cellophane Gusseted Bags 178 x 275 x 456mm PPB071118GU 178x275mm 456mm Clear 18.1866.65117.70105.2085.10
Product Description
Gusseted Cellophane Bags

Additional Information

Food Safe Yes
Made in the UK Yes
Home Compostable? N/A
Polypropylene? Yes
Polystyrene? N/A
Free Delivery No