Display Bags - Patterned Silver Card Base

A range of freestanding crystal clear glossy Patterned Cellophane Display Bags with a cardboard base, (silver on the outside, or underside) giving them more rigidity so they stand upright on your retail display shelves and they are easier to fill.


Watch our video about "Display Bags - Patterned Silver Card Base" - use the full screen option to see in the best quality.

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    ** ON SALE ** Cellophane Patterned Silver Card Base Bag | BUTTERFLY Print Clear Bag | 100 x 220mm
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    Cellophane Patterned Card Base Bag | Green Spot Dot Summer Bags | 100 x 220mm
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    Cellophane Patterned Silver Card Base Bag | Fruit Cocktail Summer Packaging | 120 x 275mm
    was From: £0.2200 Special Price From: £4.2500 for 25
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Cellophane Bags Video Transcript

At Transpack we sell a large range of cellophane bags. Choosing the right bag for your needs may seem like a difficult task. Let me talk you through the differences between the gusseted bags, the display bags with the silver card base and the block bottom cellophane bags.

Each of these bags comes in a range of sizes and they are all manufactured using food safe film. Both the silver card bottom display bag and the block bottom base bag are designed with a flat base when opened out for easy filling. Like this. They are perfect for gifts, confectionery and food and look great tied up with a ribbon.

Gusseted cellophane bags are slightly different – they have a crimped base with special side gussets which provide a 3 dimensional bag, where the base flattens on filling. Like this. The bags are also measured slightly differently. The gusseted bags are measured like this. First of all the width (the closed width), the next measured is the open width with the gussets pushed out. Like this. The last measurement is the length, but it’s the length when the bag is sitting flat on the ground. So this length, as opposed to the whole length. The base measurement is the width of the base by the length of the base when its flat on the ground.

The other styles have no side gussets so are measured by the width, then by the full length and the base is again the width by this length.

Order online or by telephone before 3pm and we aim to despatch your order the same working day. Orders over the value of £55 are delivered free of charge. For any other questions call our customers service helpline on 02380869999 or visit our website and our friendly staff will be more than happy to help you.