Cellophane Gift Bags

Beautiful quality self seal cellophane bags for greetings cards, artwork and mounted photographs. Our range of cellophane gift bags include block bottom cellophane bags, gusseted cellophane bags, cellophane bags with silver card base, cone bags, small clear gift bags and cellophane window bags for gifts, sweets and wedding favours


  • Bespoke sizes available - please see the link below and contact us for a quote - please note that minimum order quantities will apply, and do vary depending on style of bag.

    How to Choose Cellophane Gift Bags - Video

    Watch our video about "Choosing The Right Cellophane Bag for You, and Understanding the Measurements" - use the full screen option to see in the best quality.


Cellophane bags - A Clear Explanation

Most cellophane (used as a generic term here) nowadays isn't cellophane at all, it is a plastic film called OPP (oriented polypropylene). This material is much stronger than the old paper-based cellophane. In addition its manufacture involves less harm to the environment. Polypropylene is a highly stable plastic film unaffected by most acid or alkaline materials; thus it is widely used for food and can be considered "food safe". Nonetheless, it can be affected by some oils.

All our greetings card bags and Artwork / photo bags are made from this material. All these bags are made from 30 micron film and are self-seal, with a flap and removable adhesive. (i.e. they can be opened & reclosed many times)

Our whole range of cellophane bags are food safe and a food certification certificate is available on request. Apart from those mentioned above they do not have a resealable flap and therefore can be tied with ribbon, sealed with a sticker or heat sealed.

We have several different types of cellophane bag  for gifts, which are outlined here:

Gusseted Cellophane Bags have gussets in the sides which allow the bag to open more widely.  The also have a crimped bottom seam, and as such don't have a pre-formed base.  As the bag is filled the gusset opens out and the bottom of the bag folds under forming a base - this can then either be taped, or left to its own devices.  Ideal for items like rice which will fill the bag completely and give it a nice shape. Also good for heavier or bulky items, chocolates, sweets and popcorn. These bags are 40 microns so slightly thicker than the bags below although you may not notice a huge difference. If you need an airtight bag you should choose this type, but you will need to use a heat sealer to seal the top edge of the bag to make it airtight. This need not be a very expensive exercise and we have lots of options and advice. Visit our heat sealer pages for help.

Block Bottom Cellophane Bags as you would expect have a pre-formed oblong shaped base.  The won't open as widely as a gusseted bag so if your item is bulky it might be slightly trickier to place in the bag, although the pre-formed base may cancel out this problem. These bags are 30 microns and crystal clear.  They are not suitable for products like flour as the block bottom seal is not airtight, and you may get some leakage.  Use a gusseted bag for flour.

Silver Card Base Bags are essentially a block bottom bag with the additional of a card base which has been glued to the outside of the bag.  It gives the bag extra stability and it will stand up nicely on a shelf unsupported. Again these bags may leak powder so they are no good for flour and similar products. They are 35 microns so slightly thicker than the plain block bottom bags. Its important to note that the card is only silver on one side, and its on the underside of the bag. The other side (facing into the bag, is a creamy colour. Our customers often ask us why this is, but if you consider the bag when its filled, a silver card facing into the bag would be invisible. We also stock a range of these bags which are pre-printed -  some with Christmas designs, butterflies and a fruit design. We call these our Patterned Silver Card Base bags. They are popular as party bags, wedding favours and certainly make a statement!

A fairly new addition to our range is our Silver Card Base Bags with Side Gussets which give you the best of both worlds in that they give good stability due to their card base, and they open out a little wider thanks to the gussets. They will hold their shape well.  Also made from 35 micron polypropylene they will certainly show off your products, whether they are confectionery or beauty products.  Again they are not recommended for powdery products.

Window Bags are a good choice if you want to introduce a little colour to a display, or use a more eye-catching bag.  They are made from a printed polypropylene film although they look like coloured paper on the back, all in quite earthy tones. The front is crystal clear meaning your products are completely visible from the front, and the coloured background will make them stand out beautifully. These bags also have card bases, although they are not silver - they are a natural colour.

If you are in any doubt which to buy, or would like help with the measurements have a look at the video below - it will help!

Our garment bags are made from standard polypropylene, have a self-seal flap with removable adhesive strip and are hole punched to avoid suffocation. They are also printed with a suffocation warning notice. If you are looking for a bespoke size, or a printed bag we would be very happy to quote. 

Polypropylene bags are not biodegradable, although they are recyclable.

How many cards and envelopes can I get in a greetings card bag?

Its impossible to say. The standard size bags are designed to take one card and envelope in heavy card/paper; but we know of users who have got 5 cards and envelopes in each bag. It all depends on the exact trim and the weight of paper used for the cards and envelopes. However, for C6 and C5 sizes we now offer oversize bags which will take multiple cards. How many you'll get in will still depend on the weight of paper used. If you have any concerns - please ask us for a sample.

Can I get a special size made?

Yes. Subject to a minimum quantity, usually about 5,000 but it can be more if you are looking for a small bag. Clearly, if you are having cards printed it makes great sense to have them trimmed to a standard size. That way both the bags and the envelopes will be cheaper and less of a challenge to get hold of.

Can I get the bags printed?

Yes. But, again, this is subject to a minimum quantity, if you are interested in this service please contact us and we will be happy to put together a quote for you.

Are the Artwork / photo bags made to fit photo mount sizes?

We cannot be sure about this as mounts seem to vary. As such we quote the exact size of the bags. Please let us know if you require sizes that are not available on the website and we will endeavour to help you.


Cellophane Bags Video Transcript

At Transpack we sell a large range of cellophane bags. Choosing the right bag for your needs may seem like a difficult task. Let me talk you through the differences between the gusseted bags, the display bags with the silver card base and the block bottom cellophane bags.

Each of these bags comes in a range of sizes and they are all manufactured using food safe film. Both the silver card bottom display bag and the block bottom base bag are designed with a flat base when opened out for easy filling. Like this. They are perfect for gifts, confectionery and food and look great tied up with a ribbon.

Gusseted cellophane bags are slightly different – they have a crimped base with special side gussets which provide a 3 dimensional bag, where the base flattens on filling. Like this. The bags are also measured slightly differently. The gusseted bags are measured like this. First of all the width (the closed width), the next measured is the open width with the gussets pushed out. Like this. The last measurement is the length, but it’s the length when the bag is sitting flat on the ground. So this length, as opposed to the whole length. The base measurement is the width of the base by the length of the base when its flat on the ground.

The other styles have no side gussets so are measured by the width, then by the full length and the base is again the width by this length.

Order online or by telephone before 3pm and we aim to despatch your order the same working day. Orders over the value of £55 are delivered free of charge. For any other questions call our customers service helpline on 02380869999 or visit our website and our friendly staff will be more than happy to help you.