Compostable Clear Gusseted Bags

Eco-friendly, Clear UK Compostable & Biodegradable NatureFlex™ Bags

Our UK compostable, gusseted bags will decompose when bacteria or other living organisms act on them. Home compostable bags can be composted along with your garden waste, and sometimes food waste (depending on local kerbside collections) and will degrade quite quickly. They are certified to the EN13432 standard for compostable packagng


NatureFlex Bags ™ Features            Natureflex

Made from 30 or 40 micron NatureFlex™ which is a compostable film made from wood pulp sourced from managed locations. This film has excellent properties and is made from renewable, sustainable sources . Due to the nature of this film, the film manufacturer recommends that the bags are used within 6 months and stored in suitable conditions. In reality our customers are reporting that they are actually lasting in perfect condition much longer, as long as they are stored correctly. Recommended storage conditions are away from local heat sources, out of direct sunlight, and ideally between 17 and 23 degrees Celsius.

The film manufacturer specifically recommends that the films should not be used in applications that would involve processing, treatment or storage at temperatures below 30°C (for example, blast freezing).

Please note that these bags are made from natural materials and as such are not as strong as Polypropylene bags, including the welds.  It is essential that you test your products in them before purchasing and we would be pleased to send free samples. It is also important that any aggressive filling methods are tested by the customer too

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  1. Self Adhesive Disc - White sticker with Compostable Logo - 22mm diameter Pack of 1000
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  2. Self Adhesive Disc - PEELABLE - White sticker with Compostable Logo - 22mm diameter Pack of 1000
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Benefits of Eco-friendly, Biodegradable NatureFlex Bags ™ include:

  • Certified to the European (EN13432) norm for Industrially compostable packaging
  • Also certified by Vincotte to the OK Compost Home standard for home composting
  • Food safe
  • Anti-static
  • High moisture barrier
  • Excellent barrier to gases and aromas
  • Resistant to oils and grease
  • Excellent clarity and gloss
  • Heat sealable - heat seal range 115-170C
  • Crimp bottom, gusseted, back lap seal bags

 Read more about Recycling, and packaging & the environment here

Ordering NatureFlex ™ Biodegradable Bags Online

If you would like to receive samples please contact us with your name, address and size preferences.