Compostable Artwork Bags

Clear eco-friendly, Biodegradable Bags for Photos and Artwork made from 30mu Nativia® PLA film

Nativia® film is made from renewable, sustainable resources. PLA bio-based resin is sourced from corn or other sources such as sugar beet and potatoes.

It is Vegan friendly, as is the ink used to print on them

The film is industrially, mechanically and chemically recycled and it can be incinerated, according to the EN13432 standard and has achieved the OK BIOBASED certificate from Vincotte. This certification means it will break down quite quickly into carbon dioxide, water and biomass by microbial digestion in the right conditions.

Nativia® films cannot be recycled with other plastics and it doesn't biodegrade in landfill conditions. UK food safe & eco-friendly Artwork Bags made from Nativia® are also food safe as well as being Eco-friendly, sustainable and biodegradable. These bags are heat sealable, have a high stiffness, good oxygen barrier and good slip properties. Due to the nature of this film, the film manufacturer recommends that the bags are used within 6 months and stored in suitable conditions. Recommended storage conditions are away from local heat sources, out of direct sunlight, and ideally below 30 degrees Celsius.

If you are thinking of switching from Polypropylene bags to Nativia® bags we highly recommend that you request a sample first to try with your product as Nativia® does have a slightly different feel to Polypropylene.

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  1. Compostable Artwork Bag 211x255mm
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  2. Compostable Artwork Bag 262x305mm
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  3. Compostable Bag A3 305x425mm
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  4. Compostable Bag A4 215x305mm
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