Eco-friendly packaging: compostable, biodegradable & recycled

At Transpack packaging we are striving to prioritise eco-friendly and sustainable packaging solutions for every type of industry. Our ethos is centred around reducing the environmental impact of packaging materials and promoting sustainability throughout our packaging lines. 

We aim to be a trusted partner for businesses seeking sustainable packaging solutions. Through our collaborative approach and expertise in eco-friendly packaging, we assist our Clients in making environmentally responsible choices that align with their goals and values.

Year on year Transpack endeavours to increase their eco-friendly, sustainable packaging range. Be it plastic-free, compostable products or more earth friendly biodegradable options. 

Browse our extensive range of Eco-friendly packaging. As more and more businesses, like Transpack Packaging, are looking to reduce their environmental impact we are proud to offer value for money, quality products which are either recycled, biodegradable or compostable alongside our standard packaging range (much of which is already recyclable). Our range of green packaging is growing all the time.

To better understand the differences in the types of materials available, and their environmental benefits please read our explanation here, or call to talk to one of us about the best solution for you.

In the subcategories below you will find bags for greeting cards, gusseted bags for displaying food, mailing bags, retail bags, Kraft paper gift wrap, paper tape and protective products - all of which are designed to be friendly to the environment. View Transpack's NatureFlex ™ Compostable Block Bottom Bags

We can quote for bespoke eco-friendly packaging in Natureflex™ , Nativia® , biodegradable polythene or paper. As a rough guide the minimum order quantities per size will be 5000 bags or more, or 30 rolls of film.  Contact us for a quote today.

What is eco-friendly or sustainable packaging?

Sustainable packaging is also referred to as eco-friendly packaging, planet-friendly packaging or environmentally friendly packaging. This is all types of packaging that has been produced to have a minimal impact on the environment.

Sustainable or Eco-friendly packaging can include the following :

Sustainable Resources: Basically means that the product has been made from a product that is regrown (like man made forests) or made from recycled materials

Recyclable: A recycled product is made from recyclable materials that are recycled back into cardboard, films, plastics etc. Recyclable products form a major part of the ongoing circular economy

Compostable: Either Home Compostable or Industrially Compostable, the product breaks down in certain conditions into good biomass for the soil

Biodegradable: This packaging is designed with an additive to degrade the product naturally in landfills and oceans more quickly than a standard plastic bag, for instance. Most biodegradable packaging is also recyclable.

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