Custom Boxes

Can't find the box you are looking for?  Let us quote you for custom cardboard boxes

We can supply single or double wall cartons, in brown, white or almost any other colour - both printed and unprinted.  Our stock cartons are Fefco style 0201 - known as a regular lap end case, but we can also quote for other styles including:

  • Fefco 0211 - Tuck in top and bottom
  • Fefco 0409 - Five panel wrap
  • Fefco 0427 - Folding box with tuck in lid (like our postal boxes)

Lead times are relatively quick - you might only be waiting for 2-3 weeks, and sometimes less. We'll give you an accurate lead time when we quote. Minimum order quantities are low - sometimes only 100 boxes (unprinted). Some styles of box will require a cutting tool to be made which will add to the cost but we'll make this clear. The standard 0201 style double and single wall cartons don't require a tool and will be a cost effective solution. If you need a custom printed box, you will have to pay for a printing plate to be made (as a guide £200- £300 per colour) , and the min order quantities will be higher (500 to 1000 depending on size). The printing plate charge is a one off cost as it is kept and used for any future orders you place, as long as its the same design.

Contact us on 02380 869999 or fill in our contact form and we will get back to you as soon as we can.