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Curling Ribbon

Our new range of Curling ribbon is 5mm wide and available in a range of popular colours.

Polypropylene Curling ribbon is ideal for use in gift wrapping, retail display packaging, craft ribbon and balloon ribbon and as the perfect finishing touch for our cello bags.

Team two colours together for a coordinated effect.
Thumbnail Product Code Width Length Colour/Finish Price per reel for quantity shown Qty
Curling Ribbon Metallic Red 5mm 250yds/228 Mtrs RIBMR 5mm 250 Yds Red 3.252.892.39
Curling Ribbon Rich Red 5mm 500yds/457m RIBCRRE 5mm 501 Yds Red 2.952.501.85
Curling Ribbon Metallic Silver  5mm 250yds/228 Mtrs RIBMS 5mm 250 Yds Silver 3.252.892.39
Curling Ribbon Metallic Gold 5mm 250yds/228 Mtrs RIBMG 5mm 250 Yds Gold 3.252.892.39
Curling Ribbon Cerise  5mm 500yds/457m RIBCE 5mm 500 Yds Cerise 2.952.501.85
Curling Ribbon Candy Pink  5mm 500yds/457m RIBCP 5mm 500 Yds Pink (Candy) 2.952.501.85
Curling Ribbon Pale Pink 5mm 500yds/457m RIBPP 5mm 500 Yds Pink (Pale) 2.952.502.39
Curling Ribbon Lilac  5mm 500yds/457m RIBLI 5mm 500 Yds Lilac 2.952.501.85
Curling Ribbon Purple  5mm 500yds/457m RIBPU 5mm 500 Yds Purple 2.952.501.85
Curling Ribbon Royal Blue  5mm 500yds/457m RIBRB 5mm 500 Yds Blue (Royal) 2.952.501.85
Curling Ribbon Baby Blue 5mm 500yds/457m RIBBB 5mm 500 Yds Blue (Baby) 2.952.501.85
Curling Ribbon Burgundy 5mm 500yds/457m RIBBU 5mm 500 Yds Burgundy 2.952.501.85
Curling Ribbon Red 5mm 500yds/457m RIBRE 5mm 500 Yds Red 2.952.501.85
Curling Ribbon Orange  5mm 500yds/457m RIBO 5mm 500 Yds Orange 2.952.501.85
Curling Ribbon Yellow  5mm 500yds/457m RIBYE 5mm 500 Yds Yellow 2.952.501.85
Curling Ribbon Bottle Green 5mm 500yds/457m RIBBG 5mm 500 Yds Green (Bottle) 2.952.501.85
Curling Ribbon Sea Green 5mm 500yds/457m RIBSG 5mm 500 Yds Green (Sea) 2.952.501.85
Curling Ribbon Lime Green 5mm 500yds/457m RIBLG 5mm 500 Yds Green (Lime) 2.952.501.85
Curling Ribbon White  5mm 500yds/457m RIBWH 5mm 500 Yds White 2.952.501.85
Curling Ribbon Ivory  5mm 500yds/457m RIBIV 5mm 500 Yds Ivory 2.952.501.85
Curling Ribbon Black  5mm 500yds/457m RIBBL 5mm 500 Yds Black 2.952.501.85
Curling Ribbon Silver 5mm 500yds/457m RIBSI 5mm 500 Yds Silver 2.952.501.85
Curling Ribbon Gold 5mm 500yds/457m RIBGO 5mm 500 Yds Gold 2.952.501.85
Product Description
Curling Ribbon, each reel containing 500yds of curling ribbon.

Additional Information

Food Safe N/A
Made in the UK No
Recylable? Yes
Free Delivery No