Curling Ribbon Curling Ribbon Silver 5 500

Curling Ribbon Silver 5mm 500yds/457m

Organza Ribbon Black 25mm x 20m

Organza Ribbon BLACK 25mm x 20m

Curling Ribbon Gold | 5mm width | 500yds / 457m

Matt Gold Curling Ribbon from Transpack's collection

Ribbon Size: 5mm wide x 457 metres on a reel (500yds)

Curl it, twist it, tie it - decorate your gifts, confectionery bags or balloons with exuberant curling ribbon in a rainbow of fun colours to choose from. Combine the colours to create an eye-catching display

Curling Ribbon is easy to use and very cost effective

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Add a touch of fun enchantment to your gifts with our exquisite curling ribbons. Elevate your wrapping game and watch smiles bloom as your presents and balloons become irresistible treasures.

  • Gold Curling Ribbon is great for gift wrapping especially when combined with another colour, as well as balloon tying
  • Use Curling Ribbon in golds, reds, and greens as festive ribbon. Combine them together or use as s single colour. Tie our gusseted cello bags, block bottom bags or silver card base bags closed with these easy to tie, cost effective ribbon
  • Width of curling ribbon: 5mm wide
  • Length of Curling Ribbon: 500 yards / 457metres long
More Information
Colour/Finish Gold
Made in the UK No
Free Delivery No
Length 500 Yds
Width 5mm

What are the benefits to using curling ribbon?

Using curling ribbon offers several benefits:

  1. Versatile Decoration: Curling ribbon is a versatile decorative accessory that can be used to decorate gifts, bouquets, and party favours. It adds a touch of fun, elegance and festivity to any item.
  2. Easy to Use: With its unique texture and design, curling ribbon is simple to work with. You can effortlessly create beautiful, professional-looking bows and curls without requiring any special skills.
  3. Colourful Options: Available in a wide array of colours, curling ribbon allows you to match any theme or occasion, making it an excellent choice for parties, celebrations, and events.
  4. Budget-Friendly: Curling ribbon is an affordable embellishment option, providing an economical way to enhance the presentation of your gifts and decorations.
  5. Time-Saving: As it quickly curls when pulled against a blade or edge, using curling ribbon saves time, making it an efficient choice for bulk wrapping and decorating tasks.
  6. Long-lasting Results: Once curled, the ribbon retains its shape for an extended period, ensuring that your decorations stay pristine and attractive throughout the event.
  7. Fun and Playful: Curling ribbon adds a fun and playful element to any gift or package, making it an ideal choice for birthdays, holidays, and special occasions