Compostable Greeting Card Bag 114x114mm

Compostable Small Clear Gift Bag 114x114mm

Compostable Cookie Bag 114x114mm

Made in the UKRecyclableIndustrially CompostableBiodegradeable

Biodegradable, sustainable & compostable Cookie Bag 114x114mm + Self Seal Flap

30mu Nativia ® film

Food Safe

Printed with compostable logo on flap

Vegan friendly bags for a biscuit

The perfect size for a single Cookie

Please note that measurements can vary slightly by several mm due to manufacturing tolerances - if size is critical please request a sample.

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An eco-friendly and Vegan -friendly, compostable Cookie Bag with self seal flap the perfect size for a single cookie or other small gifts - made from Food Safe 30mu Nativia ® film. Also ideal for packaging jewellery, beads, sequins, badges or other small items.

Nativia ® film is made from corn or other sources such as sugar beet and potatoes among others, and conforms to the EN13432 standard, meaning it is biodegradable and compostable. It has also achieved the OK Biobased certificate from Vincotte. Nativia ® film breaks down quickly into carbon dioxide, water and biomass by microbial digestion in the right conditions.

The film is sourced from renewable sources and is food safe.

Packed in 500's (and packaged in bags), these eco-friendly bags are printed on the self seal flap to let end-users know that they are biodegradable & compostable.

The film manufacturer recommends that the bags are used within 6 months and stored in suitable conditions - away from local heat sources, out of direct sunlight and below 30 degrees Celsius.

Nativia ® can be industrially composted and will disintegrate in six months to CO2, water and humus, a soil nutrient. It can also be mechanically and chemically recycled (not with other plastics because it has a lower melting temperature) and it can be incinerated. Nativia ® films do not biodegrade in landfill conditions.

Vegan friendly

More Information
Colour/Finish Clear
Made in the UK Yes
Recylable? Yes
Industrially Compostable? Yes
Biodegradable? Yes
Free Delivery No
  • Certified to the European (EN13432) norm for Industrially compostable packaging
  • Also certified by Vincotte to the OK BIOBASED standard for biodegradable film
  • Biodegradable, sustainable, compostable and industrially recyclable
  • Food safe
  • Good barrier to gases and aromas
  • Resistant to oil, fat and alcohol
  • Excellent clarity and gloss
  • Heat sealable - heat seal range 85-140C
  • Side-weld bags with self adhesive strip which is also compostable
  • Vegan friendly - including ink
Is the peel off strip on the flap also compostable?

Yes, the peel off strip is made from PLA and is also eco-friendly and compostable

How long will these bags take to decompose?

The film that these bags are made from has the EN13432 certification. EN 13432 requires compostable plastics to disintegrate after 12 weeks and completely biodegrade after six months. That means that 90 per cent or more of the plastic material will have been converted into CO2. The remaining share is converted into water and biomass – i.e. valuable compost.

How should I dispose of these bags?

These bags are industrially compostable, so they can be disposed of along with other industrially compostable materials like garden waste in green bin collections, or sometimes food waste. You will need to check the arrangements in your Local Authority though as arrangements do vary across the country.

I’m thinking of switching from Polypropylene bags to these – what are the main differences?

Apart from the environmental credentials which speak for themselves, these Nativia ® bags will feel slightly different. The film is a little stiffer, although still very clear. The bags are also printed with a subtle notice on the flap informing the user that the bag is compostable. We recommend that you have a sample of the bag before switching, to make sure they will work for you.