Midnight Blur Kraft Paper with Snowflake Print

Printed Kraft Wrapping Paper - Dark Blue with Snowflake Print - 480mm x 10m

Eco-friendly Dog Print Kraft Wrapping Paper 750mm wide

Printed Kraft Wrapping Paper - Dogs Design - 750mm x 10m

Coloured Kraft Wrapping Paper - Metallic Copper 500mm x 120m

Metallic Copper Coloured Kraft Wrapping Paper
500mm wide
120m on a roll

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Our Metallic Copper Coloured Kraft Paper is made from 50gsm Recycled Kraft paper, making it an excellent quality.

Sold on a roll which is 500mm wide and approx 120m long, its also excellent value for money. Each roll weighs approx. 3kg

Use it as gift wrap either at home of in a retail environment, or for crafts. Use with a contrasting ribbon for a lovely effect

A delicate copper print on one side, plain on the other

Vegan friendly

We try and represent the colour as accurately as possible but colours can appear different on different screens - please ask for a sample if colour is important, please contact us here

More Information
Made in the UK No
Recylable? Yes
Made from Recycled Material? Yes
Free Delivery No
Length 120m
Width 500mm

Made from recycled paper


High quality

Excellent value for money

Vegan friendly

Kraft paper is fully recyclable and compostable. Most, if not all, of Local Authorities will take them away with your curbside paper recycling collections, but you must make sure it is not soiled with food, grease or other contaminants.
What is the diameter and weight of the rolls?

The rolls are approximately 120mm in diammeter and weigh just over 3kg

Are these kraft rolls vegan friendly?

Yes, there are no animal by-products used in the manufacture of paper or the ink used to dye them

How much recycled content do these coloured kraft paper rolls contain?

The rolls contain approximately 80% recycled paper content. The other 20% has to be pure kraft to maintain the quality of the roll

Is kraft paper eco-friendly?

Yes, our coloured kraft paper rolls are 100% eco-friendly. They are made from partly recycled paper, and are full recyclable, and biodegradable. The inks which are used to dye them are also water-based and don’t contain anything harmful to the environment

How should I recycle Kraft paper?

Along with your normal household paper recycling, in your kerbside collection or at paper collection points. Just make sure the paper isn’t soiled with grease, food, or other contaminants

How to store wrapping paper - this would be better made into content with examples I have found. This doesn't have to be a longer piece of content as I have seen content using five examples etc.

5 Ingenious Ways to Store Wrapping Paper

Organize Wrapping Paper

Can shiny wrapping paper be recycled?

No, if wrapping paper is metallic, has glitter or shiny materials on it, it is not recyclable

How to make wrapping paper waterproof

You can make wrapping paper waterproof by using special polyurethane coatings, clear acrylic spray pain and lacquer spray sealers, all will waterproof the wrapping paper