450mm Unrolling Device

Unwind Device For Polythene Layflat Tubing 450mm Width

Layfat tubing, medium duty, Recycled, PPT Exempt 2 inch wide, 423m long

RECYCLED Clear Medium Duty Layflat Tubing | 30% Recycled film 200g | 2in - 50mm x 423m

Clear Medium Duty Layflat Tubing

Food SafeMade in the UKRecyclableLDPE

Easy opening Clear Medium Duty polythene layflat tubing in convenient standard length rolls - 220 gauge approx. Note: The width shown is NOT the same as the diameter. To calculate the diameter of the tubing multiply the width x 2 and divide by 3.142

Virgin polythene - food safe. Popular with fisherman as 'fish tubes' for hygenically transporting, storing and carrying fish Ideal for packaging long narrow items, and for poster packaging - simply cut to length, insert poster, and tuck in ends.

Make your own polythene bags with tubing and a heat sealer

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Thumbnail SKU Length Width Diameter Color Price per roll for quantity shown Qty
RPT2502 423M 50mm 31mm Clear 12.5511.5010.95
PT2502 305M 50mm 31mm Clear 14.2013.0011.90
PT2503 305M 76mm 48mm Clear 19.3017.7016.30
PT2504 305M 100mm 63mm Clear 20.2019.3017.90
PT2505 305M 127mm 80mm Clear 23.9021.9020.20
RPT2506 423M 6 inches 95mm Clear 32.8530.1028.65
PT2506 305M 150mm 95mm Clear 35.1832.2529.35
PT2508 305M 204mm 129mm Clear 38.3035.9031.70
PT2509 305M 229mm 145mm Clear 38.6035.2029.80
PT2507 305M 178mm 113mm Clear 40.0036.7034.00
RPT2508 423M 8 inches Clear 42.7539.2037.35
PT2510 305M 254mm 161mmm Clear 48.8044.4037.60
PT2512 305M 305mm 193mm Clear 52.8048.4044.70
RPT2510 423M 10 inches Clear 53.0047.6545.40
PT2515 305M 381mm 242mm Clear 57.4052.4048.70
RPT2512 423M 12 inches Clear 58.4054.6052.10
PT2518 305M 457mm 290mm Clear 74.0068.0063.00
PT2520 305M 508mm 322mm Clear 83.8076.8070.90
PT2524 305M 610mm 387mm Clear 95.7090.4083.50
PT2530 305M 762mm 484mm Clear 119.70109.80101.50
PT2536 305M 914mm 580mm Clear 158.20143.80131.80
PT2548 214M 1219mm 774mm Clear 161.80148.40136.90

Clear Medium Duty Layflat Tubing in 17 widths

  • The width is measured folded flat, it is not the diameter
  • To calculate the diameter of each tube - use this calculation: multiply the width of the tubing x 2 and divide by 3.142
  • The lay flat tubing can be cut to size and heat sealed, taped or tied to create a bag to fit the product
  • See our help pages for more detail
More Information
Food Safe Yes
Made in the UK Yes
Recylable? Yes
Free Delivery No