Heavy Duty Polythene bag Transpack

Clear Heavy Duty Polythene Bags 400 gauge | Recycled | 900mm x 1500mm

Clear Heavy Duty Polythene Bags 400 g Poly Bags

Clear Extra Large Heavy Duty Polythene Bags 500g | 36x84inches | 900x2134mm

Clear Heavy Duty Polythene Bags 400g

Best quality tough Heavy Duty polythene bags, the sort that builders use for sand.

These poly bags are also good for nuts and bolts.

Measurements shown are width x length.

Food safe too, and a popular choice for pet foods

We now offer two large polybags which are 500 gauge rather than 400 gauge, 36x48 and 36x84 inches . Product codes - PB503648 and PB503684

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Thumbnail SKU Length Width Diameter Gauge Color Price perPrice per 1000 for quantity shown Qty
PB500305 125mm 76mm 48mm 400g Clear -5.2915.8526.4025.5019.80
PB500406 150mm 100mm 63mm 400g Clear -6.1818.5539.6030.8027.50
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PB500608 200mm 150mm 95mm 400g Clear -9.9226.9547.8044.0036.30
PB500709 225mm 175mm 111mm 400g Clear -11.5534.1061.6059.4045.60
PB501012 300mm 250mm 158mm 400g Clear -14.7647.8571.5066.0058.30
PB500812 300mm 200mm 127mm 400g Clear -15.2937.9564.9059.4053.90
PB500912A4 305mm 229mm 145mm 400g Clear -16.1340.3572.4066.4061.30
PB501015 375mm 250mm 158mm 400g Clear -17.9351.1579.2077.0070.00
PB501215 375mm 300mm 190mm 400g Clear -23.8453.90100.1095.7089.00
PB501218 450mm 300mm 190mm 400g Clear -26.2373.70115.50112.1098.30
PB501520 500mm 375mm 238mm 400g Clear -29.5187.20158.50145.30135.20
PB501824 600mm 450mm 285mm 400g Clear -33.55115.30211.40205.00195.00
PB502030 750mm 500mm 317mm 400g Clear -47.85161.00295.30282.50272.50
PB502430 750mm 600mm 381mm 400g Clear -60.00249.50465.00430.00406.00
PB502436 900mm 600mm 381mm 400g Clear 42.9071.50228.00418.60396.30386.30
PB503050 1270mm 762mm 484mm 400g Clear 82.75137.50378.35709.40698.50677.60
PB503660 1500mm 900mm 571mm 400g Clear 84.08149.50700.001,345.001,295.001,210.00
PB503648 1200mm 900mm 571mm 500g Clear 89.30147.50523.20999.00966.00937.00
PB503684 2134mm 900mm 571mm 500g Clear 97.00-885.001,620.001,510.00-
  • Heavy Duty 400 and 500 gauge polythene bags are top quality tough bags
  • Made from non-toxic, inert clear polythene
  • They are suitable for a packaging, storing and protecting mechanical parts, agricultural items/ spare parts, screws, nails and bolts
  • Food safe
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