Biodegradable Plastic Carrier bags CLEAR 190g/360g 15 x 18in (381 x 457mm)

Food SafeRecyclableLDPEPolypropyleneBiodegradeable

Biodegradable Plastic Polythene Carrier Bags

CLEAR, with a printed message regarding the Eco-friendly, Biodegradable credentials of the bag

190/360 gauge (bag/handle)

3 inch bottom gusset (76mm)

15 x 18in (381 x 457mm)

Ideal as retail bags for stores

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  • Clear
  • Size: 15 x 18in plus 3 inch bottom gusset (381 x 457mm with 76mm gusset)
  • 190 gauge biodegradable plastic polythene with stronger, reinforced handle to give strength to the bag
  • Food safe
  • Recyclable with standard polythene

These eco-friendly carrier bags are clear, and they are Biodegradable. They are most commonly used in boutiques and clothes stores, gift shops and delicatessens but they can also be used for marketing and product giveaways at exhibitions and events.

Most importantly, these bags are eco-friendly, as they have an additive which means they will break down in landfill into carbon dioxide, water, biomass and minerals. They carry a printed message on one side to let your customers know that they have the EPI additive which makes them degrade much more quickly than standard Polythene. They are suitable for holding heavier products. This bag is variogauge with 360g at the handle for added strength and 190g at the base and is suitable for heavier items.

These bags can be recycled with standard polythene but if they do go to landfill they will break down quite quickly. The length of time they will take to biodegrade depends on the conditions and the presence of oxygen, moisture, heat, mechanical stress and/or microbes but will be roughly 6 to 12 months, as opposed to decades or longer for standard polythene buried in landfill.

Due to the biodegradable nature of these bags they shouldn't be stored in direct sunlight, or too warm conditions (not near a radiator). If they are kept in the right conditions their shelf life is not dissimilar to standard polythene bags.


More Information
Colour/Finish Clear
Food Safe Yes
Made in the UK No
Recylable? Yes
Biodegradable? Yes
Polypropylene? Yes
Free Delivery No
Length 18in (457mm)
Width 15in (381mm)
Clear Strong Biodegradable Excellent Value Printed with message about EPI additive Great planet friendly retail shopping bag

How do these Biodegradable Polythene Plastic Carrier bags break down?

Although these bags are made from standard polythene they have a TDPA additive added during the manufacturer of the film which accelerates the degradation process. The bags will first break down into smaller fragments and those fragments then biodegrade into carbon dioxide, water, biomass and minerals

How long will a biodegradable plastic carrier bag take to break down?

Degradation could take anything from a few weeks to 24 months depending on the conditions – the levels of oxygen, moisture, heat, mechanical stress and microbes will all have an impact.

Do these biodegradable carrier bags have a shelf life?

Yes, because they are biodegradable they will inevitably have a shorter shelf life. The film manufacturer recommends they are kept for no longer than a year from purchase, and in suitable conditions – away from direct sunlight, moisture and other heat sources