Artwork / Photo Bags Clear artwork bags with s/seal flap 203 x 254mm

Clear Artwork Bags with Self Seal Flap 203 x 254mm

PPB1218 clear artwork display bags Transpack

Clear Artwork Bags with Self Seal Flap | A3 Flat Display Bags | 305 x 457mm

Clear Artwork Bags with Self Seal Flap 254 x 305mm

Food SafeMade in the UKRecyclablePolypropylene

Clear Artwork bags with Self Seal Flap

Bag measurements 254 x 305mm

Film thickness 120 gauge/30 micron polypropylene - food safe film

This bag may not fit a 10x12" photo with a mount. For this please see our slightly larger bag PPB1012Plus

Bespoke sizes made to order - email us with your requirements

Our bags are made in the UK and available from Transpack next day delivery (T&Cs apply)

We also have a compostable bag in a similar size. Click to see NB1012

Apply a clear PP sticker to let your customers know this bag is recyclable - see them here


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Re-sealable clear artwork bags details

These clear, re-sealable cello artwork bags are ideal for storing large cards, artwork and photos. They are made from a 30-micron OPP (Polypropylene) which, although crystal clear are strong and tough. You can be sure your products will be kept safe and well protected from dust and moisture, whether they’re on the shelf or stored away. This material (polypropylene) is considered archival safe as it is as close to PH neutral as technically possible with plastic, and does not contain any plasticisers.

  • Bag measurements 254mm x 305mm (10”x12”)
  • Film thickness: 120 gauge / 30 micron polypropylene
  • Transpack's Artwork bags have a re-sealable strip
  • Our bags are fully recyclable

Additional artwork bag sizes

If you can’t find a size that’s right for your product, please do not hesitate to email us with your specific requirements, as we create bespoke artwork bags too. Check out our standard additional sizes.

Please be aware measurements can vary slightly (by several mm) due to manufacturing tolerances - if size is critical please request a sample from current batch before ordering from We'll send it the same day.

More Information
Colour/Finish Clear
Food Safe Yes
Made in the UK Yes
Recylable? Yes
Polypropylene? Yes
Free Delivery No
Length 305mm
Width 254mm
  • Our artwork and Photo Bags are Food Safe meaning they contain no harmful chemicals that may react with inks, paints, prints and artworks
  • The film on these bags is PH Neutral so it will not have an adverse reaction with your artwork or photos or the inks/prints
  • Our self seal bags are suitable for archiving
  • Artwork bags are Crystal Clear offering your art great clarity for showcasing 
  • Artwork Bags and Photo Bags are made from polypropylene and fully recyclable
  • You will find our bags are anti-static which means they are easy to open and use
Artwork bags and photo bags can be recycled with your normal kerb side waste collection in many regions throughout the UK, or deposited at a plastic recycling depo near you. Polypropylene can be recycled and made into other products over and over again.

What are artwork bags used for?

When placing your artworks, prints and photos into an art gallery on consignment it is advisable that they are placed into artwork bags to protect them from handling, fingerprints, dust and moisture. If an artwork is damaged by scuffing or dirt nobody will be keen to buy it. Transpack is one of the leading suppliers of high clarity, top quality artwork bags that have a PH neutral film that will not react with inks, prints or paper and discolour art. Available in many sizes, view our website to find the right size for your requirements. If you need to store and protect your artworks then a bag is also advisable as it will keep the dust and damp off your artworks when properly sealed with the self-seal strip.

Why is it important for an artwork bag or photo bag to be PH Neutral?

Protecting and showcasing your artworks, prints and photos in artwork bags is vital to keep them from getting damaged during storage, handling and transporting. The bags need to be made from a PH neutral film which contains no harmful chemicals that may react with inks, paint or papers. Look for a bag that says "food safe" and usually these bags are PH neutral. Transpack sells a quality range of recyclable artwork bags, photo bags and greeting card bags.

How do I store artworks and prints?

We advise that unframed, mounted or unmounted arworks, prints and photos are stored in one of Transpack's artwork bags. Artwork Bags and Photo Bags protect your items from dust, damp, scuffing during handling and fingerprints. The re-usable self seal strip will prevent the art from sliding out of the bag and can be opened and closed several times.