Christmas Star Ribbon Green 20M

Star Printed Ribbon - Green 15mm 20M

Ribbon - Festive Forest Red 20M

Festive Forest Ribbon Red 15mm 20M

Christmas Ribbon

NEW Christmas Ribbon

A range of stunning contemporary and classic designs to show off your Christmas gifts

15mm width

Available in 2 lengths - 4m and 20m

More designs coming soon...!

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Thumbnail SKU Length Width Color Price per reel for quantity shown Qty
RIBSI 500 Yds 5mm Silver 2.952.501.85
RIBCRRE 501 Yds 5mm Red 2.952.501.85
RIBSG 500 Yds 5mm Green (Sea) 2.952.501.85
RIBRE 500 Yds 5mm Red 2.952.501.85
RIBGO 500 Yds 5mm Gold 2.952.501.85
RIBBG 500 Yds 5mm Green (Bottle) 2.952.501.85
RIBELS20 Silver 2.992.25-
RIBELG20 Gold 2.992.25-
RIBMG 250 Yds 5mm Gold 3.252.892.39
RIBMS 250 Yds 5mm Silver 3.252.892.39
RIBMR 250 Yds 5mm Red 3.252.892.39
RIBPFLAR04 4m 15mm Red 3.953.55-
RIBPSOLD04 4M 15mm Cream 3.953.55-
RIBPDFORGR04 4m 15mm Green 3.953.55-
RIBPFLAG04 4m 15mm Green 3.953.55-
RIBPSTARG04 4M 15mm Green 3.953.55-
RIBZSIL25 20M 25mm Silver 3.993.503.10
RIBZGO25 20M 25mm Gold 3.993.503.10
RIBZRED25 20M 25mm Red 3.993.503.10
RIBZGRN25 20M 25mm Green 3.993.503.10
RIBSAAG10 50M 10mm Antique Gold 4.953.953.30
RIBPDFORR20 20m 15mm Red 9.758.50-
RIBPHEARTR20 20M 15mm Red 9.758.50-
RIBPXMAS15 15m 15mm Red 9.758.50-
RIBPLET20 20m 15mm Cream 9.758.50-
RIBPHEARTGY20 20M 15mm Grey 9.758.50-
RIBPDOG20 20m 15mm Ivory 9.758.50-
RIBPGINGG20 20m 15mm Green 9.758.50-
RIBPSTARG20 20M 15mm Green 9.758.50-
RIBPSTARR20 20M 15mm Red 9.758.50-
RIBPFLAG20 20m 15mm Green 9.758.50-
RIBPROB20 20m 15mm Cream 9.758.50-
RIBPHEARTG20 20M 15mm Green 9.758.50-
RIBPHAND20 20m 15mm Cream 9.758.50-
RIBPGINGR20 20m 15mm Red 9.758.50-
RIBPSOLD20 20M 15mm Cream 9.758.50-
RIBPCAT20 20m 15mm Ivory 9.758.50-
Superb quality ribbon manufactured in the UK

For gift wrapping, craft supplies, christmas decorations and much more

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Made in the UK No
Recylable? Yes
Free Delivery No